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Best Eye Hospital In Borivali

Eye Hospital In Borivali

See Mumbai Clearly with Our Excellent Eye Care – Ojas Eye Hospital, Your Trusted Choice!

For the best eye clinic in Borivali, visit Ojas Eye Hospital, easily accessible from its primary centers in Kandivali and Bandra. Your efforts to visit us are valued, ensuring top-notch services and expertise in eye care.

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Eye Hospital In Borivali

Pioneers In Eye Care Services In Borivali

  • Premium eye hospital at your service since 1987
  • Home to leading eye surgeons and eye specialists
  • Equipped with the latest and most advanced techniques
  • Restored vision for over 400,000 patients globally
  • Successfully performed 50,000+ Lasik treatments from 191 countries

Leading Eye Care Hospital In Borivali - Ojas Holds 1st Rank In India To Perform:

  • Microkeratome LASIK and Blade-Free LASIK treatment
  • Phakic Intra-Ocular lens implantation
  • 3D Retina Surgery

Best Eye Clinic In Borivali

Ojas Eye Hospital is known as the best Eye Clinic in Mumbai because of its great leadership, innovative practices, and special care. Dr. Niteen Dedhia has been leading the hospital for more than 37 years, bringing a lot of experience to eye care. Ojas was the first to do 3-dimensional eye surgery in Mumbai, showing they use the latest methods.

They also offer services like 'Special Pediatric Ophthalmology' and 'Squint Clinic' to take care of eyes specifically to children. Ojas also helps with different needs by starting the 'Special Contact Lens Clinic' and the 'Advanced Cornea Transplant Center.'

With experienced leadership, new methods, and special services, Ojas Eye Hospital is the top choice for great eye care in Mumbai. We value our patients and deliver state-of-the-art, individualized solutions at our eye clinics.

Ojas believes in “Patient First” ideology
Ojas Statement: “The Vision we promise we deliver”

Meet Our Team Of Best Eye Surgeons and Eye Specialist in Borivali, Mumbai

Ojas guarantees your safety in the skilled hands of the country's finest eye specialists and surgeons, ensuring top-notch care for your vision and overall eye health.We are well-connected from Borivali.

Dr. Niteen Dedhia - Eye Surgeon In Mumbai

Dr. Niteen Dedhia ( Medical Director )

M.S.(Ophth), D.O.M.S(Bom), M.B.B.S

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Dr. Anil Kumar Yadav, Best Eye Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Anil Kumar Yadav

Specialized In Cornea And Refractive Surgery And Cataract

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Dr. Anju K. Vohra, Best Eye Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Anju K. Vohra

M.B.B.S. , M.S. (Ophth),
Ophthalmologist / Eye Surgeon, Highly trained Cataract, Squint & Oculoplasty Surgeon

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Dr. Rohan N. Dedhia  - Eye specialist In Mumbai

Dr. Rohan N. Dedhia

MBBS, MS (Ophthalmology), FVRS,
Retina, Cataract and Refractive Surgeon.

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Dr. Sneha Prabhu, Best Eye Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Sneha Prabhu

MBBS, MS, DNB ( Ophthal ), FICO, FCRS
Cornea and Cataract Specialist

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Dr. Saumil Sheth, Best Eye Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Saumil Sheth

M.S, FRCS (Glasgow, UK), FICO
(London, UK) Gold Medalist: MBBS, DNB, FCPS, DOMS
Specialized In Retinal Surgeries & Laser Procedures

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Dr. Ashini Maniar, Best Eye Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Ashini Maniar

Paediatric Ophthalmologist And Squint Specialist

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Dr. Adit Gupta - Eye specialist In Mumbai

Dr. Adit Gupta

MBBS, MS - Ophthalmology
Ophthalmologist/ Eye Surgeon

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What Makes Us A Top Eye Center In Borivali

Best eye surgeon’s

Our skilled eye surgeons guarantee precise and expert eye care.

One-stop solution

We handle all eye treatments, from simple to complex, in-house.

Cutting-edge technologies

All available in a single location.

Cashless facilities

We have insurance partnerships, offering cashless and TPA services.

Empanelment & credibility

We are empaneled with CGHS, RBI, NABARD, and BSNL, ensuring credibility.

Unmatched trust

Our patient-centric approach ensures the best patient experience.

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Cashless and TPA Services in Borivali, Mumbai

Visit Ojas Eye Hospital, a trusted eye care hospital in Mumbai, for cashless and TPA services

  • Navi Insurance
  • Reliance health Insurance
  • SBI General Insurance
  • Care Health Insurance
  • Ericson TPA
  • Universal Sompo
  • Bajaj

Ojas Eye Hospital is Empaneled with


Eye Care Hospital In Mumbai

Ojas Eye Hospital is the foremost choice for all eye treatments in Mumbai. Ensuring ease for our patients to access our leading eye care services, our clinics are easily accessible in Mumbai from the following areas:

  • Kandivali
  • Bandra
  • Khar
  • Kandivali East
  • Khar East
  • Malad
  • Santacruz
  • Malad East
  • Santacruz East
  • Borivali
  • Juhu
  • Borivali East
  • Mahim
  • Thakur Village
  • Matunga
  • Matunga East

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Our Eye Hospital or Eye Clinic Branches in Mumbai

Ojas Eye Hospital is easily accessible from various locations in Mumbaiincluding Borivali. Visit our nearest branch for top-notch eye care services.

Ojas Eye Hospital in Bandra

Roseland Building, Junction of Linking Road and Waterfield Road, Bandra, Mumbai - 400050. India.

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Ojas Eye Hospital in Kandivali

Jivala Pada Road, Behind Gokul Corcord Tower, Thakur Village, off Western Express Highway, Kandivali ( East ) Mumbai - 400 101

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Ojas Eye Hospital Borivali: Google Reviews

Proud and thankful, Ojas Eye Hospital Bandra shares google reviews from our satisfied patients, reflecting the trust and satisfaction they have experienced with our eye care services.

Jarvik Munshi

The living legend Dr. Niteen Dedhia. Eye specialist- one of the best eye hospitals of India. This hospital has the latest technology for spectacle removal - i.e. SiLK lasik technology. All the staff starting from the receptionist, the cash counter Mr. Sheshnarayan, pre hospitalization treating Dr. Jishaan siddiqui, operation supporting staff Kamlesh bhai performed their task in an organized way. If you have any problem related to your eyes, only one solution in India, i.e. Ojas Eye hospital - Bandra- Mumbai A very special thanks to Dr. Niteen Dedhia sir.

Manshi Shah

After 20 long years, of my daughter wearing glasses, we Came for my daughters' lasik surgery everything right from the basic test to the explanations was very good and smooth. The entire team is very courteous and friendly. All have smiling faces which feels v comfortable, all give you proper response to the questions asked.

Ruchir Vasaiwalla

My experience with Ojas Eye Hospital has been simply amazing! 😊The level of care and treatment provided to me was par excellence and I would recommend them to everyone. I would like to thank the entire team at Ojas for their support and would like to convey my best wishes to them!

Ashish P

Finally I am free of glasses 😄. Dr. Rohan is the best. The procedure was painless and took only few minutes. Highly recommend Silk refractive surgery at Ojas eye Hospital,Bandra. it was done very smoothly I'll recommend ojas for all kind of service

Preeti Bora

Dr. Dedhia is the best eye surgeon in Mumbai. My contoura lasik surgery happened without a snag and in just one day my vision is 6/6. Very happy with the results and thank you to everyone at Ojas eye hospital for their care.

Rucha Deshmukh

Had a very comfortable & efficient experience with Contoura Vision Surgery at Ojas. Dr. Niteen, Dr. Rohan & the entire staff has helped me today to be finally specs free with zero hassle.

Frequently Asked Question Our Eye Hospital

Which is the best Eye Hospital in Borivali, and what services do they offer?

Ojas Eye Hospital near Borivali, with its branches in Kandivali and Bandra, is among the leading eye hospitals in Mumbai. We provide comprehensive eye care, offering services from routine check-ups to advanced surgeries, all under one roof.

How can I book an appointment at the Kandivali or Bandra branch of Ojas Eye Hospital for my eye check-up from Borivali?

Appointments can be easily booked online through the Ojas Eye Hospital website or by contacting the respective branches directly.

How can I reach Ojas Eye Hospital from Borivali?

Check our website or Google Maps for precise directions from your location in Borivali. We are very well connected from Borivali to our eye clinicsin Kandivali and Bandra.

Do you have a 24/7 emergency eye care service in Borivali?

Yes, if you are living in Borivali, we provide 24/7 emergency eye care services at our Kandivali or Bandra branch, which is nearby Borivali.

Can I schedule a cataract surgery at the Kandivali or Bandra branch of Ojas Eye Hospital if I live in Borivali?

Absolutely, residents of Borivalican schedule cataract surgeries at both the Kandivali and Bandra branches of Ojas Eye Hospital.

Which is the best eye hospital for retina surgery near me in Borivali?

Borivaliis well-connected to both our Kandivali and Bandra branches of Ojas Eye Hospital, both of which offer the best retina surgery in Mumbai.

Does Ojas Eye Hospital near Borivaliprovide the facilities for LASIK treatment or other refractive surgeries?

Yes, Ojas Eye Hospital offers LASIK treatment and other refractive surgeries at both the Kandivali and Bandra branches, providing advanced solutions for vision correction. And both the branches of Ojas Eye Hospital are nearby Borivali.

Which eye hospital accepts insurance in Mumbai?

Ojas Eye Hospital accepts various insurance plans for eye treatments in Mumbai. Patients are advised to check with the hospital and their insurance provider for specific details.

Does Ojas Eye Hospital offer cashless eye treatment in Borivali?

Yes, we provide cashless eye treatment services in Mumbai at both the Kandivali and Bandra branches.

Are cashless eye treatment and TPA services available for the residents of Borivali at Ojas Eye Hospital?

Yes, we offer cashless eye treatment services for the residents of Borivali through insurance partnerships. To avail cashless eye treatment services, visit our nearest branches in Kandivali or Bandra.

What insurances are accepted at Ojas Eye Hospital for cashless eye treatment in Borivali?

If you are seeking cashless eye treatment in Borivali, visit our nearest branch. We accept Mediclaim Cashless Eye Treatment Services from Navi Insurance, SOMPO, ICICI Lombard, Reliance Health Insurance, SBI General Insurance, Care Health Insurance, HDFC ERGO General Insurance, Ericson Insurance TPA Pvt. Ltd., Universal Sompo General Insurance, and Bajaj.

What makes Ojas Eye Hospital a trusted eye care center for the residents of Borivali?

Our commitment to quality care, advanced technology, patient satisfaction, and skilled professionals.

Ojas Eye Hospital A Center of Excellence for Contoura Lasik, Lasik Surgery, Cataract Surgery in Borivali, Mumbai.