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Dr. Niteen Dedhia - Best Eye Surgeon in Mumbai

Dr. Niteen Dedhia

M.S.(Ophth), D.O.M.S(Bom), M.B.B.S
President of Bombay Ophthalmic Association from (2012-2013)

It all began with one word. Ojas – a Sanskrit term that literally means vigor. The word Ojas represents the essential energy of the body, and it is often equated with the “fluid of life” or the essence of life.

Dr. Niteen Dedhia set up Ojas Eye Hospital in January of 1987 with the aim to serve people in their quest for health and well-being – specifically in the field of Advanced Ophthalmology. Located in a small clinic, called Elite Nursing Home, Bandra, it represented the first step of a long journey. Befitting its lofty goals, the first center was inaugurated by Dr. Chandrika Kenia, the then Health Minister of the Government of Maharashtra. The endeavor was blessed by Smt. Naliniben (visionary social activist) and Dr. Chhaganlal Dedhia (renowned Urosurgeon), the venerated parents of Dr. Niteen Dedhia.

Dr. Dedhia and his team’s selfless investment of their time and efforts soon delivered the fruitful results of happy patients with contented smiles. Within a span of 5 years, the response from the patients elevated Ojas to one of the most reliable and trusted for various advanced eye treatments. In order to reach out to larger numbers of patients, Dr. Dedhia set up the second branch of Ojas at Opera House, in the heart of Mumbai city. The number of satisfied patients grew by leaps and bounds. There was no turning back. In time, to cater to the increasing needs of patients, and to accommodate modern machines and equipment Ojas Eye Hospital relocated to a bigger space at Roseland Building, 180 Water field Road Bandra (W).

Today the center has a team of 45 doctors, assistants and administrative staff and operates from Bandra and Kandivali. Both the centers have advanced medical equipment imported from Japan, Germany and the USA. Ojas Eye Hospital is host to super speciality clinics dedicated to Refractive Surgery, Cataract, Oculoplasty, Contact Lens, Retina, Paediatric Ophthalmology, Squint, Glaucoma, and Cornea. Dr. Dedhia and his team has treated more than 4,00,000 patients over the past three decades and performed more than 50,000 Lasik surgeries for patients hailing from 191 countries.

Building a practice based on core values:

Dr. Dedhia believes just as character defines a person, it is core values that define an organization. He built his practice upon the foundation of his passion for service, thrust on ethics and reliability, being as respectful and compassionate as can be to his patients. His defining vision has permeated the organization today and is one of the key differentiators of the enterprise.

Combining qualification with lifelong learning

During the last 30-40 years there has been more rapid advancement in Ophthalmic surgeries and treatment technologies than in the past two centuries put together. Recognizing the need to be up to date with medical advancements, Dr. Niteen Dedhia has pursued a mission of lifelong learning. He has trained under some of the legendary pioneers of advanced ophthalmic surgeries and has introduced these advanced treatments to patients in India.

Pioneering advanced treatments

Under his leadership, Ojas Eye Hospital has pioneered techniques like Custom Blade free Lasik treatment, 3D Live Surgery, Phacoemulsification Micro incision techniques for removing cataract. The Ojas Centre is also the first to introduce the technique of conducting cataract operations without the use of injection-based anesthetics. The center has pioneered ICL surgeries in India for the treatment of High Myopia and Hypermetropia. India’s first Phakic Intra Ocular lens implantation and the first 3D Cataract surgery were done at Ojas.

Giving back to society

Dr. Niteen Dedhia and his team at Ojas consistently work to ensure that the benefit of their skills, infrastructure and capabilities are not limited to patients who can afford the treatment. As a socially aware individual, he set up Smt. Naliniben Chhaganlal Dedhia Charitable Eye Institute to serve the needs of the underprivileged who have ocular problems. Through the institute, Dr. Dedhia and his team has helped lacs of underprivileged patients to correct their vision and undergo otherwise unaffordable treatments at no profit basis. The institute has a Mobile Eye Van Clinic which serves underprivileged and homeless in the rural areas.

Playing a leadership role in Ophthalmology

As an acknowledged expert, and a leading Eye Surgeon Dr. Dedhia has been a popular speaker sharing his insights on advanced ophthalmic procedures at International and National Medical Conferences. He is an exemplary teacher and an inspiration to many young Ophthalmologists who have learned new and advanced techniques under his guidance.

His Vigor, hard work and continued learning has made Ojas what it is today

A ray of hope for patients with Eye related problems, a place of advancement for young Ophthalmologists, a destination of succor for the poor patients, and a center of excellence for the Medical profession.

Ojas Eye Hospital A Center of Excellence for Lasik Surgery, Contoura Vision, SILK Procedure in Mumbai, Bandra, Kandivali.