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Contoura Vision : Gives You The Power To See Your World Without Glasses

Feb 16, 2018

Contoura Vision

From the period when hand-blown glass spectacles and contact lenses were handcrafted for each patient in the 1800s to today, the correction of refractive errors has experienced a revolutionary development. Doctors and scientists have worked together to deliver previously unimaginable eye correction dimensions.

Contoura Vision is the most recent breakthrough in laser vision correction for specs removal. While LASIK & SMILE simply correct the power of your glasses, Contoura Vision takes a step further! In addition to correcting your spectacle power, Contoura Vision corrects your corneal abnormalities while operating on the visual axis, resulting in much crisper visual outcomes that are unmatched by LASIK & SMILE.

Contoura Vision – See your world spectacle free

Contoura Lasik Treatment in Mumbai

Contoura Vision, a topography-guided LASIK treatment system, is the most sophisticated technology among ophthalmic surgical innovations. This is a cutting-edge laser treatment that removes spectacle numbers, as well as corrects the corneal abnormalities. This results in improved visual quality and crisp, sharp eyesight.

LASIK Contoura Vision is a form of LASIK surgery that uses advanced technology to map the unique contours of your eyes and create a personalized treatment plan. This technology is called the Contoura Vision Topography-guided Laser System, and it allows our skilled ophthalmologists to correct vision more precisely than ever before.

The Contoura Vision system uses a device called a corneal topographer to create a 3D map of the surface of your eye. This map is then used to guide the laser during the CONTOURA procedure, ensuring that the correction is tailored to your individual eye shape and vision needs. It smoothens out the surface of the cornea. The topolyser identifies corneal abnormalities, improves eyesight sharpness, and transforms the cornea into an optically flawless surface.

It is an FDA-approved procedure in the United States that offers the clearest vision possible by treating the visual axis and correcting the power of glasses. It is a stitch less technique, without any pain and does not require any injections, bandages, or hospitalization.

Why Choose LASIK Contoura Vision?

There are many benefits to choosing LASIK Contoura Vision over other forms of laser vision correction. Here are a few:

  • Permanent removal of spectacles /contact lens
  • Personalized treatment: The Contoura Vision system creates a customized treatment plan based on your unique eye shape and vision needs, ensuring that your vision is corrected as precisely as possible.
  • Enhanced safety: The Contoura Vision system is designed to minimize the risk of complications and ensure that the procedure is as safe as possible.
  • Quick recovery: Most patients are able to return to work and other activities within a day after the procedure. It is a single-day walk in - walk out procedure
  • Corrects visual axis
  • Removes irregularities in the cornea
  • No pain, no cut, no stitches, no hospitalization
  • Unmatched by any LASIK or SMILE procedure
  • Sharper visual results as compared to LASIK and SMILE

Contoura Lasik Treatment in Mumbai

Contoura Vision – Salient Features

  • Achieves sharpest vision possible
  • Re-treatment is possible
  • Maps up to 22,000 elevation points for each eye
  • 98% patients achieve an extremely high rate of satisfaction
  • 93% patients achieve 20/20 or better vision after the procedure
  • 65% patients achieve better than perfect vision ie 20/16 vision or better
  • Contoura Vision decreases many of the common symptoms associated with LASIK like light sensitivity, difficulty driving at night, glare, starbursts and halos

Contoura Vision – Offers perfect or better vision than that achieved with glasses

Just like your fingerprint is completely unique to you, Contoura Vision creates a procedure that is completely unique to your eyes.

Contoura Vision – Real Personalization

Contoura vision provides a method that is absolutely unique to your eyes. The cornea's surface is not totally smooth and has some minute imperfections, and Contoura Vision is able to map these abnormalities using 22,000 unique data points and then correct these flaws, providing an optically flawless surface of the cornea, giving you sharpness unmatched by any LASIK or SMILE laser eye surgery. This is done through a device called a corneal topographer which creates a 3D map of the surface of your eye. The topolyser identifies corneal abnormalities, improves eyesight sharpness, and transforms the cornea into an optically flawless surface.

Contoura Vision – A real satisfaction

In your eyes, there are two types of axes:

  • Pupillary Axis: A line that runs through the centre of the eye
  • Visual Axis: A line padding along the eye's line of sight

The angle between these axes is 5 degrees.

While LASIK and SMILE laser operations target the pupillary axis, Contoura Vision treatment treats the visual axis, offering far finer visual outcomes than LASIK and SMILE.

Contoura Vision - It decreases many of the usual side effects of LASIK and SMILE

  • Light sensitivity
  • Difficulty reading
  • Difficulty driving at night
  • Starbursts
  • Halos
  • Glare

Contoura Vision decreases many of the common symptoms associated with LASIK

Light Sensitivity

Difficulty Driving at Night

Difficulty Reading




Contoura Vision- is FDA & CE approved

Safety comes first, and contoura vision meets the strictest safety standards. The FDA and CE have approved Contoura Vision as the safest laser eye surgery accessible today.

Contoura Vision: Let us discuss super vision

In fact, 65% of patients who received Contoura Vision treatment for vision correction had vision better than 6/6 (or 20/20, which is the accepted normal vision). That is, 65% of the patients assessed who had 6/6 vision with their glasses before surgery could read one extra line on the visual acuity chart, while 34% gained two lines.

Contoura Vision – Beyond LASIK and SMILE with no blades

Other vision correction procedures, such as bladeless LASIK and SMILE, provide excellent visual results, but the Contoura Vision experience is unparalleled to date.

A total of 22,000 data points on each of the corneas are examined, recorded, and treated in order to provide crystal clear vision significantly greater to that provided by any other currently available technology. Furthermore, the ablation is centered on the visual axis of the eye using the world's fastest gaze tracker, making it safer and more precise than current technologies.

Contoura Vision - At Ojas- Eye Hospital in Mumbai

You will be surprised that Contoura Vision technology is available not only in the USA, but also in Mumbai, India at the leading eye hospital, the Ojas - Eye Hospital, for spectacle removal.

How Does LASIK Contoura Vision Work?

LASIK Contoura Vision is a two-step procedure that typically takes less than 30 minutes for both eyes. Here's what you can expect during the procedure:

Step 1: Use of the femtosecond laser

The first step is the surgeon uses a femtosecond laser to reach the third layer of the cornea which is the stroma in preparation to the Contoura treatment.

Step 2: Reshaping the Cornea

Once the femtosecond laser is used, the surgeon uses the Contoura Vision Topography-guided Laser System to reshape the cornea. The laser is guided by the 3D map of your eye, which ensures that the correction is precise and tailored to your unique eye shape.

The cornea is reshaped without the need of any stitches.

What to Expect After LASIK Contoura Vision

After the procedure, you'll need to rest for a few hours at home. You may experience some mild discomfort, such as foreign body sensationor watering of the eyes, but these symptoms typically subside within a few hours. Most patients return to work and other activities within a day after the procedure.

90% of your vision will be reached within a few hours of the procedure and within a few days it will reach normalclarity or more. We recommend you to attend follow-up appointments with us one day and one week after the procedure so that we can monitor your progress and ensure that your eyes are healing properly.

Patient Testimonial - Contoura Lasik Treatment at Ojas Eye Hospital by Dr. Niteen Dedhia

  • I got my Contoura Lasik operation done by Dr Niteen Dedhia (surely the best and most recommended) at his bandra clinic after detailed checkups, suggestion and planning personally by him and his team. The overall experience right from the planning the surgery to operating to follow up to documentation for insurance and billing has been done with very professionalism and ease. Special thanks to the support team including but not limited to Dr Anil Yadav, OT support staff, Dr Anant for guiding throughout my lasik journey, Dr Rushita, Dr Sunita & Dr Kajal for followup checkups and best suggestions for utmost care and safety post surgery, for customer service support Priyank and front desk staff Uma madam (Bandra) & Jayshree madam (Kandivali) and lastly but most importantly for billing and mediclaim Shesh Narayan ji. Thanks to the whole team for providing me a better vision Really appreciate

    Jill Dedhia
  • Dr. Niteen Dedhia is a great doctor and a perfectionist. I had my eye number (-) 3.50 since 13 years and having this Contura Vision Lasik Surgery has been the best decision of my life. Getting treated by Dr. Niteen Dedhia was a good decision. Thank you Ojas Hospital team for the best service. Thank you

    Vatsal Gandhi
  • I had researched on Contura vision correction and had received positive feedback from my friends & acquaintances for Ojas. So me & my wife decided to go ahead with surgery but challenge was to take care of our baby and our upcoming travel plans. Initial consultation with Anant was very smooth and he explained the procedure and steps really well. They considered our case as priority on our request and we both went ahead with surgery on 13th Dec. With Dr. Niteen’ years of experience and magical hands everything was breeze and in no time we were have more than perfect vision. We are so happy we choose Ojas and we are all smiles for excellent service levels, cutting edge technology & their expertise in this field which is unmatched. Thank you :)

    Vinay Lamba
  • I was wearing spec since I was 11 years old and right now I am 31 years old, almost 20 years. I gave a long thought before going for the Lasik. But after meeting the doctor I was so sure that I want get it done and from this place only. Trust me, he is an expert. It was a fantastic experience getting the Contoura Lasik Surgery and it was painless and very quick one. Happy to get it done, No regrets..!

    Nikita Wadhwa
  • I would like to thanks Mr. Niteen Dedhia sir for giving me a new vision. I have been done my contoura Lasik surgery a week ago. It was a great experience till my last follow up. It was best decision to get treated by Dr. Niteen Dedia he is a great person. Special thanks to Dr komal sangoi and Yatin jadhav sir for always helping me. Thanks to the entire team of ojas for being so kind in my entire journey Thank you.


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