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What Is Contoura Vision Eye Surgery?

What Is Contoura Vision Eye Surgery?

October 12, 2022

In the healthcare industry, advanced technologies are developed to make patients’ lives easier and healthier, Thus technological improvements are essential in this sector.

Scientists are working hard to develop surgical treatments with the fewest possible risks and the most excellent possible outcomes.

Contoura Vision surgery, commonly called Topography-guided LASIK surgery, is one such sophisticated procedure, This procedure is a more sophisticated type of LASIK that offers more benefits to individuals considering spectacle removal surgery.Contoura Vision is an advanced LASIK technique that eliminates the need for eyeglasses.

The 3-step correction technique, most importantly, provides a highly precise and accurate eye map, making it easier to mark up to 22,000 points.

The USFDA has given its approval for the technology to be used to remove the specifications.

What Makes Contoura LASIK Unique?

This procedure is topography-guided, meaning the eye’s topography is mapped out ahead of time and used to provide a custom treatment that best fits the eye’s shape. In some cases, patients who have abnormal corneal surfaces can make use of this treatment even when their corneal shape means they cannot benefit from traditional LASIK.

The effectiveness of Contoura Vision in comparison to other procedures

Contoura Vision is the most recent advancement in Laser Vision Correction for Specs Removal. While LASIK and SMILE (Small Incision Lenticule Extraction) only correct the power of your glasses, Contoura Vision goes a step further! Unlike LASIK and SMILE, Contoura Vision not only corrects your spectacle power, but it also corrects your corneal irregularities while working on the visual axis, resulting in much sharper visual outcomes that LASIK and SMILE cannot match.

Contoura vision is to provide the most enhanced and improved results possible as it reduces the corneal aberatiopn.

How Does It Work?

This procedure works by utilizing these methods:

  • Measuring and treating the aberration profile on the surface of the cornea
  • Centering on the apex of the cornea rather than the pupil as in traditional LASIK
  • Using the cornea’s unique shape to customize treatment and better minimize corneal aberrations

Like in traditional LASIK, a laser is used to reshape the eye. This helps light enter the eye in a way that better focuses it, helping the patient to see more clearly.

While not everyone who undergoes this kind of treatment achieves a level of visual acuity higher than their current visual acuity when they wear corrective eyewear like glasses or contacts, a sizable minority do —about 30 percent, according to Alcon.

Surprising information about Contoura vision surgery

The most important aspect of Contoura Vision is that no blades, stitches, or injections are used during the procedure. Not only that, but there is no hospitalisation stress. The procedure is simple to carry out with little downtime.

Why Should You Opt For Contoura Vision?

  • Contoura vision helps treat the visual axis of the eye, which is the natural axis at which eyes see, while other procedures such as LASIK surgery treat only the pupillary axis.
  • Contoura vision consists of a special topolyser that helps mark and remove corneal irregularities.
  • Contoura vision helps create an optically perfect smooth surface of the cornea, enhancing visual sharpness and quality.
  • Contoura vision is much beyond power correction.
  • Contoura vision also helps treat corneal curvature, which other surgical treatments can’t.
  • There are no side effects if preoperative evaluation is done well, and
  • The healing time is faster in Contoura than in LASIK surgery.
  • Compared to others, the Contoura vision has the advantage that the physician can adjust the Q value, which defines the shape of the cornea.
  • When pre and post-operative topographies of the cornea were checked after treatment from Contoura vision, the uniform ablation zone was formed, which was missing in refractive wavefront-optimized treatment.
  • Contoura vision comprises computerized eye movement tracking, which ensures that when the laser is used, it delivers pulses with more accuracy. This feature is absent in other corneal treatments such as SMILE.
  • The rate and time of recovery in Contoura are very fast, while SMILE treatment takes 7-10 days.
  • Contoura vision helps treat astigmatism, while LASIK and SMILE do not help in treating astigmatism.
  • Contoura vision eye treatment is also beneficial to those people who drive at night. This modern treatment can reduce vision problems in low light conditions.

A potential candidate for Contoura vision surgery

Without a doubt, Contoura vision surgery is an effective method. What you must all do is undergo a thorough medical examination under the supervision of an eye doctor. The doctor determines your eligibility and discusses what needs to be done. Patients who are candidates for Contoura Vision include:

  • Over 18 years of age.
  • Myopia should not exceed -12.0 D.
  • Hypermetropia of +6.0 D
  • Astigmatism -/+ of 6.0 D
  • Being free of vascular or immunodeficiency disease
  • There is no major obstruction in the brow or nasal passage.

Last but not the least

Being surgically eligible increases the likelihood of achieving the desired results. You can also make an informed decision with the help of an experienced ophthalmologist. To begin the process with greater ease, schedule an initial consultation at Ojas Eye Hospital.


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