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Contoura Vision

Contoura Vision

November 19, 2019

With the advancement in technology in eye surgery, the surgical procedure becomes highly sophisticated with minimum complications.  Contoura Vision is one such surgical procedure that is technically advanced and provides much accurate results as compared to normal laser surgery. In Contoura vision surgery, the cornea is divided into various elevation points through corneal mapping and this helps in removing the irregularities of the cornea to the minute level resulting in more clear vision. The surgery is completely blade-less and with less post-operative complications. The surgery provides immediate enhancement of vision with a significant reduction in dependence on the glasses and contact lenses. Because of the involvement of highly sophisticated and modern instruments and ophthalmic expertise, the Contoura Vision Eye Surgery Cost in Mumbai is higher as compared to normal Lasik surgery. Various hospitals offer Contoura Vision Eye Surgery in Mumbai. The patient should choose the best Contoura Vision surgeon in Mumbai if he had decided to undergo this advanced surgery.

What Is Contoura Vision?

The latest, advanced and upgraded LASIK technique is the Contoura Vision. Lasik technique is about 15 years old and corrects only refractive power of the eye whereas Contoura is one step ahead as it not only corrects the refractive power of the eye but also corrects the corneal irregularities, resulting in far better visual outcome than that of the average Lasik Treatment.

Contoura Vision is mainly designed to improve and increase the effects of the Lasik.

Is Contoura Vision Detectable?

Yes, it can be detected by corneal topography and slit-lamp examination. However, it is very hard to detect it in medical evaluation by simple examination methods.

Is There Permanent Effect Of Contoura Vision?

In Contoura vision, the corneal surface tissues are permanently removed from the surface of the cornea (front part of the eye) which keeps the effects long life and are permanent. However, in some cases due to changes that occur inside the eye lens, effects may decline over time causing distorted and blurred vision. If a problem like this occurs and becomes bothersome then the follow up enhancement procedure is carried out to restore the vision to the normal and clear.

What Is The Procedure For Contoura Vision?

Contoura vision works on the principle of topography and is carried out by the expert trained ophthalmologist and works on the natural seeing axis of the eye i.e. visual axis. It is carried out by using a special topolyser which can map and remove the irregularities on the cornea by marking 22,000 unique elevations points on the cornea, and smoothers the surface of the cornea resulting in increased visual quality as well as the sharpness.

What Is The Difference Between Contoura Vision And Lasik?

The Lasik surgery is about 15 years old technique where as Contoura is the latest and upgraded version of the Lasik technique. The difference between the Contoura and Lasik are: –

  • Corneal surface irregularities removal: In Contoura vision the corneal surface irregularities are removed wherein LASIK these are not removed.
  • Placement of treatment: The Contoura vision works on the visual axis (natural seeing axis of the eye) which is the superior axis whereas in the placement of treatment in the Lasik surgery is the pupil axis.
  • Corneal saving:Corneal tissue saving is more in the Contoura Vision technique as compared to that of the Lasik surgery.
  • Bladeless: Contoura vision procedure is blade-free whereas Lasik may or may not be bladefree.
  • Technique: Contoura technique is fully automated robotic surgery which is under the control of the surgeon at all times whereas Lasik is the mechanized keratome procedure. 
  • Beyond 6/6 vision: Contoura vision helps in achieving beyond 6/6 vision whereas Lasik may not be able to achieve this vision acuity in many cases.

Is Contoura Vision BladeLess?

Yes, Contoura vision is blade-less and involves the use of two lasers. The first is the Femtosecond laser which is used to create a corneal flap and second is the Excimer laser which is used to reshape the cornea. No blade is used at any point in the whole procedure, so the procedure is bladeless, painless and stitch less.

What Are The Benefits Of Contoura Vision?

The Contoura vision is mainly developed to upgrade and eliminate the side effects of Lasik surgery. The benefits of the Contoura vision are: –

  • Can be done at any age
  • Dependence on the glasses or contact lens reduces.
  • Difficulty in driving at night decreases.
  • Sensitivity towards light reduces.
  • Painless
  • No hospitalization is required
  • Blade-less
  • Stich-less
  • No injection is used
  • Fewer side effects

What Is The Average Cost Of Contoura Vision In Mumbai, India?

There is not too much difference in the cost of the Contoura vision procedure and other laser treatment. However, the Contoura vision technique is a costly procedure as it involves the use of the specialized equipment and expertise training of the ophthalmologist carrying out the surgery.

What Is The Difference Between Contoura And Smile?

The difference between the Contoura vision and Smile are: –

  • Corneal surface irregularities removal: In Contoura vision the corneal surface irregularities are removed whereas in Smile these are not removed.
  • Refractive error treatment: All specs power, myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism are treated by Contoura whereas limited specs power, myopia and astigmatism are treated by Smile.
  • Visual recovery: Visual recovery is fast in Contoura with wow effects whereas Smile has slow visual recovery with no wow effect.
  • Placement of treatment: The placement of treatment in Contoura vision is on the visual axis (natural seeing axis of the eye) whereas in the Smile the placement of treatment is pupil on axis.
  • Corneal saving: Corneal saving is more in Contoura treatment compared to that in smile treatment.


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