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Contoura Vision: The Most Recent And Safest Eye Surgery For Specs Removal

Contoura Vision: The Most Recent And Safest Eye Surgery For Specs Removal

December 7, 2022

A more advanced form of LASIK surgery called Contoura Vision offers individuals who want to stop wearing eyeglasses better results. With this advanced technique, people who are not eligible for LASIK surgery because of irregularities in the cornea can achieve satisfactory outcomes. Ojas, the best eye hospital in Mumbai, uses cutting-edge laser equipment to correct patients’ vision.

Contoura Vision: What is it?

Another name for Contoura Vision is topography-guided Lasik surgery. It represents the most recent development in laser vision correction for the elimination of glasses. The Contoura method corrects corneal abnormalities in addition to improving visual acuity, whereas LASIK and SMILE procedures simply remove eyeglass power. In this way, Contoura treatment offers finer visual results than LASIK and SMILE operations can deliver.

How does Contoura Vision provide the best possible eyesight?

The below-listed unique technologies available with Contoura Vision Refractive Suite set it apart:

  • Active centration control: To double the visible result, active centration control makes sure the ablation is done in the proper location. Additionally, you won’t be able to accomplish this active centration using the SMILE technique.
  • Computerized eye movement tracking: The Contoura vision machine is regarded as one of the world’s quickest tools for tracking eye movements. By closely monitoring the patient’s eye movement, it is possible to provide the most precise ablations while avoiding any small errors. SMILE equipment does not have this feature.
  • Cyclorotation compensation: The procedure considers the patient’s eye’s potential cyclorotation( natural eye rotation which occurs in lying down position)  between the imaging (upright seated) and therapeutic (supine) positions. The cyclorotation compensation option is not one that the SMILE technology offers.
  • Correction of corneal irregularities: During contoura vision therapy, corneal irregularities are corrected, giving the optical surface its ideal shape. It produces a view that is crisp and clear. This is what sets this method apart from other conventional eyeglass repairs. This advantage is not available with SMILE or bladeless LASIK.
  • Treatment for the Visual Axis: The natural axis for vision is the visual axis, which passes along the line of vision in the eye. For sharper visual results, the Contoura Vision procedure targets the visual axis. Bladeless LASIK and SMILE work on the papillary axis; therefore, they don’t have the same effect as Contoura.

Who can have Contoura Vision surgery?

The US FDA has given its approval to the Contoura method. It provides a better outcome than SMILE and LASIK. As a result, it is advised by ophthalmologists and is gaining enormous popularity among patients.

Below are the eligibility criteria for patients to undergo this process.

  • The patient must be over the age of 18.
  • The patient must have <3D cyl. power
  • The patient shouldn’t have a thin cornea
  • The patient’s spherical eye power shouldn’t exceed 8D
  • The patient must have a consistent eyeglass prescription and
  • The patient shouldn’t have any severe corneal pathologies

Recovery from laser eye surgery

A quick recovery is possible after laser eye surgery. Although the recovery period following laser eye surgery might be anywhere from six weeks to nine months, many patients resume their normal daily activities within a few days.

  • Contoura Vision: It provides immediate healing. Within two hours of the surgery, the majority of patients experience excellent outcomes. The following day, they view everything with the same clarity as regular individuals.
  • SMILE: Patients who undergo the SMILE LASIK procedure get results in seven to ten days.
  • Bladeless LASIK: It provides a quick recovery.

What makes Contoura Vision at Ojas-Eye Hospital a good choice?

Select this topography-guided LASIK procedure for better vision quality. Your experience during and after the surgery will be wonderful as a result of this. In India, the most well-known name for Contoura eyesight treatment is Ojas-Eye Hospital in Mumbai. Our ophthalmologist successfully performed this surgery with the aid of the most up-to-date technical equipment. So get in touch with us if you need any form of counselling for eyesight correction.


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