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Contoura Vision

February 3, 2022


Wearing spectacles to improve vision for far and nearby things is not always comfortable for some people. Therefore, many modern techniques have come up to treat vision problems. Like all modern techniques, Contoura vision can treat vision-related problems without any pain or damage to the eyes.

What Is Contoura Vision?

Contoura vision, also known as topography-guided LASIK surgery, is the latest technique for people undergoing spectacle removal surgery. The advantage of Contoura vision is that it treats vision-related problems and helps in treating corneal irregularities. In addition, this is USFDA approved treatment with more safety and fewer side effects.

Why Should You Opt For Contoura Vision?

  • Contoura vision helps treat the visual axis of the eye, which is the natural axis at which eyes see, while other procedures such as LASIK surgery treat only the pupillary axis.
  • Contoura vision consists of a special topolyser that helps mark and remove corneal irregularities.
  • Contoura vision helps create an optically perfect smooth surface of the cornea, enhancing visual sharpness and quality.
  • Contoura vision is much beyond power correction.
  • Contoura vision also helps treat corneal curvature, which other surgical treatments can’t.
  • There are no side effects if preoperative evaluation is done well, and
  • The healing time is faster in Contoura than in LASIK surgery.
  • Compared to others, the Contoura vision has the advantage that the physician can adjust the Q value, which defines the shape of the cornea.
  • When pre and post-operative topographies of the cornea were checked after treatment from Contoura vision, the uniform ablation zone was formed, which was missing in refractive wavefront-optimized treatment.
  • Contoura vision comprises computerized eye movement tracking, which ensures that when the laser is used, it delivers pulses with more accuracy. This feature is absent in other corneal treatments such as SMILE.
  • The rate and time of recovery in Contoura are very fast, while SMILE treatment takes 7-10 days.
  • Contoura vision helps treat astigmatism, while LASIK and SMILE do not help in treating astigmatism.
  • Contoura vision eye treatment is also beneficial to those people who drive at night. This modern treatment can reduce vision problems in low light conditions.

Who Is Eligible For Contoura Vision?

Contoura Vision is a USFDA approved technique that delivers better results than LASIK and SMILE. Following are the eligibility condition for which people can undergo Contoura vision eye surgery-

  • The patient should have a prescription for eyewear.
  • The patient undergoing surgery must be more than 18 years of age.
  • The cornea of the patient should be of adequate thickness when undergoing surgery.
  • The patient should not be suffering from any corneal disorders.

What Is The Difference Between Contoura And Lasik Surgery?

Following are some of the differences between Contoura and LASIK surgery:

  • Corneal irregularity treatment: This is only done in Contoura vision surgery, not in LASIK surgery.
  • Corneal tissue: The corneal tissue is saved more in Contoura vision than LASIK surgery.
  • Recovery: After Contoura surgery, recovery time is very fast as the patient can go home immediately.
  • Astigmatism: Is treated with much more accuracy with Contoura LASIK.
  • Precision: Contoura works with a combination of three machines which include Femto laser, topolyser, and excimer laser. In contrast, LASIK surgery works with the combination of two lasers: excimer laser and Femto laser.
  • Cost: The cost of Contoura surgery is more than other surgery. However, Contoura vision provides more successful results than others and the accuracy and precision of Contoura surgery are more than others.


Contoura vision has more advantages over LASIK or any other eye surgery. The Contoura surgery is best possible way which can treat other irregularities present in the eye.


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