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A New corneal implant device useful for failed Cornea transplant

A New corneal implant device useful for failed Cornea transplant

May 13, 2019

KeraKlear, invented by Yichieh Shiuey, MD, Palo Alto, California. Since he was a resident, Dr. Shiuey said he wondered, "What if we could achieve the results of the Boston KPro without the complications and avoid the need for donor tissue?"

Currently, there are limits to treating world corneal blindness, Dr. Shiuey said: lack of donor tissue, lack of trained cornea transplant surgeons, lack of sterile operating rooms, and risk for severe complications. KeraKlear, he said, can address these issues.

Seven millimetres in total diameter with a 4mm central optic, KeraKlear is implanted through a 3.5mm incision into an 8mm corneal pocket made by a femtosecond laser. It is an in-office surgery with a short learning curve with no need for combined glaucoma surgery, Dr. Shiuey said.

The device is an FDA trials at four sites in patients at high risk for graft failure and aniridia keratopathy. Dr. Shiuey presented the result of a few individual cases. A patient with corneal dystrophy was 20/400 preoperatively and 20/40 postop. A patient with a failed cornea transplant was hand motion only preop and 20/60 postop. There have been no cases of endophthalmitis, retroprosthetic membrane, or increased IOP, Dr. Shiuey said. There has been an 11% extrusion rate.


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