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Are You Travelling A Lot ? .. Reduce The Weight Of Glasses Through Laser Vision Correction

March 29, 2022


Do you want to see the world clearly when you wake up in the morning ? Do you wonder what it would feel like when you open your eyes inside the swimming pool ?

Laser vision correction is the way to get rid of eyeglasses. The simple concept of this surgery is to reshape the cornea to change its focusing power. But there are some precautions we must take after the surgery.

Why Should I Opt For Laser Vision Correction?

If you wear glasses, then you must have faced one of the following problems in your day to day life.

  • 3D movies: Sometimes, it is necessary to take a break to spend some time in closed air-conditioned theatres. It feels bad when the movies in the theatres release in 3D. It is because you already wear a pair of glasses, and you would have to fit another one over them.
  • Sunglasses: If you do not have prescription sunglasses, then you have to choose between your vision and good looking sunglasses. Especially when it comes to ultraviolet rays exposure, probably you would not like to expose your eyes to harmful ultraviolet rays.

What Is The Best Laser Vision Correction Procedure For Me?

Your eye doctor would explain to you the various options depending on your corneal tests.

  • Laser-assisted in situ keratomileuses (LASIK): It is the most commonly performed eye laser surgery. In this surgery, a special kind of laser is used to change the shape of the cornea.
  • Photorefractive keratectomy: In this process, the outermost layer of the cornea is removed using a brush / epithelial scraper. And then, the doctor uses a laser to reshape the cornea of the eye. At the end of the surgery, a clear lens is placed over the cornea to promote healing and reduce pain.
  • SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction) surgery: It is another laser vision correction process wherein, unlike PRK and LASIK, there is no use of excimer laser in this procedure. A thin lenticule of the corneal tissue is removed through a small incision.

When Can I Travel After Laser Vision Correction Surgery?

When you have had laser vision correction surgery, most probably you will have a follow-up the next day. It is done to check if the eye is healing correctly or not. You may be allowed to travel after a few days, but you mus be cautious and take necessary precautions as advised. In addition, there you must wait for a month before specific activities like swimming and water sports.

What Precautions Should I Follow While Travelling After The Vision Correction Procedure?

You must put the eyedrops as per the post operative schedule. You will also need to keep proper ultraviolet protection whenever you are going outside. It is advised to keep a lubricating eye drop with you.


Laser vision surgery is the most advanced surgery that could treat myopia, hyperopia, or astigmatism. It is a safe procedure with great results.

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