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Are Your Eye Drops Safe To Use While Wearing Contacts?

June 20, 2023

‘Is it safe to use eye drops while wearing contact lenses?’, is a question that contact lens wearers frequently ask. The type of eye drop will determine the answer!

The best course of action is to schedule a consultation with your ophthalmologist and confirm that the particular eye drops are safe to use while wearing contact lenses. Continue reading to find out more about the various eye drops that you can use, how to use them, and other suggestions for maintaining good eye health while wearing contacts.

How to determine if you can use eye drops with contacts?

It’s critical that you use eye drops exactly as per the directions of your doctor . Almost always, you should take out your contact lenses before applying drops, unless you are specifically told to do otherwise. After that, give it about 15 minutes before putting back your contact lenses.

Here are some general instructions to be followed if you’re using over-the-counter eye drops and haven’t received specific instructions from your doctor about how safe it is to use them with contact lenses:

  • You must be aware of what you are purchasing. The majority of over-the-counter eye drops fall into one of four categories: drops for allergies, drops for dry eyes, drops for rewetting contact lenses, and drops for redness.
  • Avoid the redness reducing drops. Vasoconstrictors are ingredients found in red-eye reducers. They function by constricting the blood vessels in the transparent tissue covering the white portion of the eye. Although many people adore their whiter eyes after using these products, contact lens wearers shouldn’t use them. These items may result in deposits building up on your lenses, and over time, they may even cause your eyes to become more red.
  • Use allergy drops in accordance with the 15-minute rule. The majority of eye drops for allergies were initially only available by prescription. For those who wear contact lenses and experience allergies, these complex pharmaceuticals can be very beneficial. The components of these drops are not intended to interact with a contact lens. For this reason, apply allergy drops prior to lens insertion and wait 15 minutes before re-putting your lenses, to ensure maximum penetration in your ocular tissues.
  • "Rewetting drops" and "eye drops" for dry eyes are not the same thing, but the two categories are easily confused. To lubricate the eye, not the contact lens, dry eye drops are designed. Many of these drops are either fairly thick or contain oils. Your contact lenses may become permanently clouded as a result of this. Consult your doctor about the best eye drops if you suffer from dry eyes. It is likely that you will be advised to follow the 15-minute rule if a medication is required for dry eye.
  • Read the labels on contact lens rewetting drops. The word "contacts" will typically appear right on the front of the label for most drops designed for use with contact lenses. These drops are made specifically to lubricate the surface of your eyes and lenses, enhancing your comfort while wearing them. These drops may be applied as frequently as desired. In fact, they are frequently suggested by eye doctors to increase comfort.

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