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Can Lasik Surgery Be Done Twice?

January 21, 2022


Vision-related problems are most common nowadays. Wearing spectacles is sometimes difficult for the person. So to remove the spectacles and improve the vision and other eye problems, modern technology has come up with LASIK surgery. LASIK surgery is painless treatment and very effective to correct eye glasses numbers. It uses laser to treat corneal surface and curvature irregularities. The advantage of these modern techniques over ancient techniques is they do not cause any damage to the eyes and the surrounding tissue. The recovery rate is better in this treatment than in others. People who opt for LASIK surgery get normal eyesight without spectacles. Rarely do a few patients who undergo LASIK surgery need a touch up treatment the second time.

Lasik Surgery Touch Up Or Enhancement

LASIK surgery is the most common and most preferred for treating vision-related problems. This technique uses a laser procedure to correct vision-related problems and corneal irregularities. This technique is the alternative treatment for contact lenses and spectacles. More than 90% of the patients treated with this technique have successfully recovered from vision problems. Only 1 to 5% of the patients need to undergo the LASIK surgery enhancement. LASIK surgery enhancement means undergoing a touch up laser by relifting the corneal flap and applying some more laser to correct the residual power of the glass. It is not a failure of LASIK eye surgery but a difference in response of the laser to corneal healing. The results of LASIK surgery enhancement are very good and predictable compared to other surgical procedures when done twice.

Timing Between The Lasik Treatment And Enhancement

The most important thing for successfully enhancing LASIK or depends on the time between the first treatment and the second touch up treatment. The enhancement of LASIK surgery can only be done when the residual power of the eye is stabilized after the first LASIK surgery. Therefore, it is recommended to wait for 2-3 months before enhancement treatment .Sometimes blurred vision may occur after the first surgery, which may go within a few weak, so the first surgery can’t be assumed to not having given the desired result. If the vision is not back within a couple of months, the patient can undergo Touch up LASIK or enhancement.

Repetition Of Pre Lasik

The pre-LASIK evaluation needs to be done once again to confirm that touch up treatment is possible or not. Sometimes the corneal thickness may be inadequate in which case an enhancement is not possible. During pre-LASIK check, it is important to know whether the cornea is of specific thickness or too thin to undergo surgery. If the cornea of the patient is too thin, then the patient is unable to undergo second LASIK surgery.

Type Of Procedure Required For Repeating Lasik Surgery

The procedure for repeating LASIK surgery depends on the thickness of the residual bed below the flap and the type of procedure used in the first surgery.

Excimer laser ablation: If the thickness of the corneal bed is sufficient, then the excimer laser is used for ablation to correct the eyesight number. If sufficient thickness is not present, then other methods are adopted.

Surface ablation: In this procedure, the flap is not raised; instead, the laser is performed on the eye’s corneal surface. This procedure helps to correct the power even in cases where the corneal thickness is less and where touch up cannot be done on the strongly bed under the corneal flap .The patient is advised to put antibiotic medication so the infection does not occur in the eye. LASIK surgery can be done more than twice, but it is not needed further because, in the first surgery, more than 95% of the patient’s vision is corrected. Therefore, only a few people need to undergo second LASIK surgery.


LASIK eye surgery is only the best way of removing spectacles. More than 98% of the people who have their lasik done get rid of their spectacles. LASIK surgery is not a short-term but a long-term treatment for vision-related. If residual power has remained, the patient can undergo second LASIK surgery without causing any damaging effect on the eyes. The Touch up laser surgery procedure is safe even when done the second time.


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