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Different Treatments For Removing Eye Glass Numbers

Different Treatments For Removing Eye Glass Numbers

June 7, 2019

Introducing High Technology Treatment from Ojas

LASIK ( Laser-in Situ keratomileusis) is the latest breakthrough in vision technology that has transformed the lifestyle of spectacle and contact lens users all over the world.

LASIK eliminates a life-time of dependence on glasses and contact lenses in just a matter of seconds. The thousand of operations we have successfully handled over the 20 years, has given us an acute understanding of the fear and apprehension people have with even the most advanced and safest of procedures like LASIK.

This book is an attempt to offer you insights into how LASIK works and what its effects are. Also, we shed light on the latest improvement in LASIK technology that has given the world an even better and true-to-the-eye advanced procedure in the form of custom LASIK.

PRK – Photorefractive Keratectomy

Prior to LASIK, PRK was the most commonly performed laser vision correction surgery. This procedure also utilizes the excimer laser to reshape the curvature of the cornea and correct nearsightedness, farsightedness & astigmatism. PRK is useful in patients with thin corneas. Again, the excimer laser is used in the treatment of corneal opacity, corneal scars & superficial corneal dystrophy.

Lasek – Laser Epithelial Keratomileusis

In this procedure, diluted alcohol solution is used to soften the epithelial flap. It is then moved to one side & the excimer laser is administered to correct the vision defect. Lasek is useful in Patients with thin or flat Corneas who are poor candidates for LASIK.


In this Procedure, the epithelial flap in first lifted with an epikeratome and after administering the laser, the flap is rolled back to normal position. Patients with thin corneas are advised this procedure.

Phakic Intra Ocular Lens ( IOL ) Implantation

In this procedure, the surgeon places an artificial lens either on the iris or behind the iris (ICL) and in front of the eye’s natural lens to correct vision defects.

This Procedure is ideal to correct high degrees of nearsightedness (Myopia) and farsightedness (Hyperopia). Toric phakic IOL is the latest development in correcting cylindrical powers along with high spherical power of the eye.

Refractive lens exchange (RLE)

In this procedure the clear lens is removed from the artificial lens is implanted in its place. This lens has-in Refractive power and is specifically implanted to meet the patient’s visual needs RLE is useful in treating high degree of nearsightedness & farsightedness.


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