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Importance Of Taking Care Of Eyes

September 29, 2020


Eye care is an integral part of health care. Eyes are essential to perform our daily tasks. Any impairment in our vision may lead to our dependency on others. It significantly affects ourfamily and community. There is a need to understand the importance of routine eye care and the steps to be followed to maintain healthy eyes.

Why Eye Care Is Important?

Eyes are important sense organs. The problem in the eyes significantly reduces the quality oflife. If the person goes blind due to eye injury or ocular diseases, there would be devastatingrepercussions on the family, community, and country as a whole. The person should haveadequate eye care that helps the eyes to counter some of the common ocular conditions like glaucoma and cataract. Not only eye care improves and maintains our vision, but they alsoindicate certain underlying medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes.

Eyecare is crucial because of the following reasons:

Reducing the risk of certain diseases: Optimum eye care and routine analysis helps the personto reduce the risk of various diseases. The doctor will perform a comprehensive analysis of theeye and provide treatment based on family history or medical condition. For instance, theocular conditions of the elderly such as Age-related Macular degeneration, and cataracts maybe delayed or prevented by taking antioxidant-rich diets such as omega-3 fatty acids, Lutein andZeaxanthin, Zinc, and Vitamin C and E.

Reduced risk of eye injury: By choosing the correct eyewear, you can avoid almost 90% of theeye injury. Wearing the right glasses or contacts helps you to see clearly and avoid any ocular orother bodily injuries. Children should wear sports goggles while indulging in athletic activities toprotect their eyes from any injury.

Early diagnosis in case of any vision changes: Routine eye care is important for diagnosis andtreatment of any vision changes. Further, vision changes may indicate that the time has cometo either revise the prescription or to change the glasses. Some of the symptoms indicatingglass change are frequent squinting to see clearly, and abnormal vision at varying distances.

Diagnosis of underlying medical condition: Certain underlying medical conditions affects theeyes at the initial stage. These conditions include diabetes and hypertension. Thus, eye carehelps you in early diagnosis of such conditions.

How To Take Good Care Of Your Eyes?

Once you know about the importance of eye care, the next question arises, how to go for theoptimal eye care. There are various ways of taking care of the eyes:

Routine ocular examination: You should schedule at least one comprehensive eye examinationper year to identify any changes in your vision. It will help you to keep your eyes in a healthycondition.

Resting your eyes: Depending upon your level of activity and age, you should provide rest toyour eyes. Do not watch your mobile in dim light or no light. In addition to adequate rest, youshould also take regular breaks from the screen.

Taking care of contact lenses: Contact lenses are one of the primary sources of ocular infectionand inflammation. Take good care of your contact lenses.  Use a superior quality contact lens solutionand wash the lenses daily. If you are unable to maintain proper hygiene, use the lenses that arefor daily wear.

Correct eyewear according to the condition: Eye functions according to the environmentalconditions, and so should be your eye wears. When you are on the computer or mobile, do notforget to use the blue-light glasses, while UV protective eyewear should be used when goingoutside.

Some Facts About Eye Care

Some of the important facts about eye care are:

  • Smoking increases the risk of cataract and age-related macular degeneration.
  • Most ocular diseases are treatable but complications occur due to ignorance.
  • UV-radiations cause eye damage and may lead to various ocular disorders.
  • Reduced and uncorrected vision may lead to accidents, falls, and subsequent injuries.


There are various advantages of eye care. These include diagnosis of underlying conditions,reduced risk of injuries, reduced ocular complications, and early diagnosis of the disease. Theways of taking good care of eyes are routine eye examination, wearing correct eyewear, andtaking hygienic steps for storing and wearing contact lenses.


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