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Know The Essential Summer Eye Care Tips!

June 7, 2023

The most delicate area of our bodies, our eyes, require special attention and care, especially during the scorching summer when wet clothes and sweat are a routine. Summertime can be bad for the eyes because of the rising temperatures, dust, and other types of pollution that are present everywhere throughout the season. This makes the eyes more susceptible to various diseases. It turns out to be crucial to keep eyes cool during the hot season and protect them from the summer heat.

The following are useful tips that people of all ages should follow in order to protect their eyes, take the best possible care of their vision, and enjoy the summer wilderness:

Sunglasses or goggles with complete ultraviolet protection

All year round, sunglasses are important to wear, but summer is when they are most crucial. It’s likely that your sunglasses are doing more harm than good to your eyes if they don’t provide 100% ultraviolet (UV) protection, so you should wear sunglasses that are marked as providing 100% UV protection. UV protection helps keep your eyes healthy by blocking harmful UV rays. On cloudy days, don’t forget your sunglasses because the sun can still be seen through the haze and clouds.

Choose bigger shades

When getting a shade considering UV protection, look for a big pair that offers wraparound frames. Wider lenses on the sunglasses offer better protection.

Wear a visor or a sun hat

Although the first line of defense is typically provided by sunglasses or goggles, it is always preferable to wear a hat or visor for added protection. After all, you must protect your eyes from the sun’s rays.

Avoid getting sunburned eyes

Photokeratitis, also referred to as sunburned eyes, is a painful eye condition that develops when your eye is exposed to UV rays from the sun or another artificial source.

When sunlight reflects off water, snow, sand, or other highly reflective surfaces and enters your eyes, your eye’s surface is burned by these UV rays, which can result in redness, blurriness, discomfort, and even momentary vision loss. Wear 100% UV-protective sunglasses outside and the proper eye protection when working with UV light to avoid developing photokeratitis.

Follow good swimming practices

It is extremely dangerous to wear contacts while swimming because microbes may get underneath the contacts and result in an infection. Swimming pools and lakes can become contaminated with bacteria and other microorganisms during the summer.

Even though goggles can lessen contamination and irritation, it’s still recommended to immediately rinse your eyes with fresh water after leaving the pool.

Maintain eye moisture

Spending time outside in the summer dries out the surface of your eye because of the heat and dry winds, affecting the tear film that can irritate your eyes and lead to a condition known as dry eyes.

Dry eyes is a common condition, but if you wear contact lenses or have seasonal allergies, your risk of developing dry eye is increased. Use artificial tears to keep your eyes moist and hydrated to protect your eyes in these circumstances.

Keep yourself hydrated

Maintaining proper hydration for your skin and eyes is crucial. Always consume enough water—at least 2 liters per day to avoid dehydrated eyes and skin. Dehydration causes eye strain, which can result in headaches , blurred vision and  fatigue.

Stay out of the sun during the midday

Try to avoid going outside, especially in the later mornings and afternoons, as this is the time when UV is at its peak and the sun is at its strongest. Wear polarized lenses if you need to go outside because they reduce glare.

Avoid getting sunscreen lotion in your eyes while applying it because it could irritate them. In the event that your eyes are itchy, properly wash them with fresh water. Summertime requires proper eye care.

Healthy Eating

It’s simpler to eat wholesome fruits and vegetables in the summer. You can have tomatoes, zucchini, green peppers, melon, and peaches, which are excellent sources of nutrients that are good for your eyes. Don’t forget to eat seeds and nuts, as they are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and are good for your eyes as well.

Maintain your eye exam appointments

Do not skip an eye exam during the summer if you want to maintain the health of your eyes throughout the year. Exams on a regular basis can help find problems before they worsen.

Schedule an appointment at Ojas – Eye Hospital

Because of how delicate our eyes are, they need to receive the best care throughout the year, not just in the summer. The tips mentioned above have been tried and tested, which is important for good eye care. The best care is to receive treatment at Mumbai’s Ojas Eye Hospital if you have any eye conditions.


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