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Lens Designs

September 7, 2022

Having a total lens solution implies you can benefit the most from your lenses. There are designs that not only correct your refractive error but can also deliver you much more to protect and enhance your vision. Assuming you struggle to see either near or far, you will require single vision lenses with just one prescription power across the whole lens. Nevertheless, present eye care can go so much further than simply correcting your vision.

Finding the right single vision lenses

Single-vision lenses have been designed to address the needs of a modern lifestyle. Nowadays, our days are often shaped by digital gadgets and busy plans, which can put your eyes through a lot of stress. There are single-vision lenses that can deliver sharp vision and, in addition, lessen eye fatigue and exhaustion.

Whether you’re working, mingling, or gaming, the right single-vision lenses can support your eyes very well. With the right lens lens type, you will actually look through any part of your lenses and see immediately with clarity. Thus, this can improve your posture, which can be particularly useful if you’re sitting at a computer all day.

Protecting and enhancing your vision

Having the right type of single vision lenses is essential for correcting your vision. However, your lenses can accomplish more than that. A single vision lens can be embedded with a unique filtering system, called the Eye Protect System, which filters out harmful Blue-Violet and UV light. Blue-violet light, specifically, is one factor that is recognised to harm retinal cells and can contribute to premature eye ageing.

The Eye Protect System partially filters Blue-Violet light and safeguards your eyes from UVA and UVB rays to extend healthy vision.

Photochromatic Lenses

You may also consider Transitions light intelligent lenses. Transition lenses adjust to the changing light circumstances by tinting the lenses when exposed to UV light for a comfortable vision. With a great variety of options available, it’s easier now than ever to make your style statement with transition technology embedded into your single vision lenses.

Lens Coating

With a lens coating, you can also enhance your lens’ performance. There is a range of products that can avoid/ eliminate  annoying reflections, distracting smudges and, furthermore, safeguard your lenses from scratches.

Personalise your lenses

The present development in innovation has meant opticians can tailor your lenses using additional measurements. These measurements consider your visual and physiological ways of behaving. They measure how you look through the lens and how the frame fits your face. They consider all your daily activities before prescribing a particular lens type. The outcome is a lens that is more precise and unique to your eyes.

Advanced Vision Accuracy (AVA) is a revolutionary process utilising one of the most recent eye assessment instruments. Your optician will measure your prescription to a substantially more precise power of 0.01 dioptres; dioptres(D) is the measurement utilised for spectacle lenses and contact lenses. Earlier, prescriptions were measured to the closest power of 0.25D. This will better your visual performance, resulting in sharp, comfortable vision.

Different advancements in lens technology permit your optician to catch every individual’s unique eye rotation centre, which can vary up to 30% per individual. This estimation, known as Eye code, can be included in the lens, resulting in 5 times more accuracy. Having this degree of precision can assist you with adapting to your new lenses rapidly and easily.

In this way, with regards to your next eye assessment, get some information about all the different solutions available to further improve your single vision lens performance and visual clarity.


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