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Lipiflow / OPT / IPT Thermal Pulsation Treatment

January 18, 2021

What are Dry eyes?

Dry eye is a condition in which tears are unable to lubricate the cornea of your eye properly. Reason for this condition can be poor quality or inadequate quantity and quality of tears.

Tears are made up of water, salts and oil. It is very uncomfortable and constantly irritating to have dry eyes. Patient often complains of red and itchy eyes with increased sensitivity to light.

Quantity of tears

It is affected by aging, diseases like Sjogren’s syndrome, scleroderma and sarcoidosis. Certain medications taken for birth control, high blood pressure and antidepressants affect the quantity of tears.

Quality of tears

Conditions like Blocked Meibomian glands leads to altered tear composition, due to which early evaporation of tears takes place as oil content is reduced. Eyelid problems, Blinking problem in Parkinson’s leads to dry eyes. Eye allergies, vitamin deficiencies, wind or smoke are also responsible for the early evaporation of tears.

Lipiflow / IPT / OPT

OPT / IPT thermal pulsation treatment is a combination of heat and physical massage of blocked meibomian gland. It liquefies and helps in expulsion of the content. This treatment restores the natural balance of mucin, aqueous and lipid component of tears.

Lipiflow treatment is a day care procedure and is done under topical / local anaesthesia. Lipiflow is not just focussed on treating symptoms, but reaches to the root cause of the dry eye condition.

The device has single-use activators resembling scleral contact lens. It is slided below the eye lids with proper measures not he have the excess heat. It releases heat of about 42.5 degrees along with pulsating squeezing activity to open the gland orifices, so that oil can be released out of the gland. It is a short procedure of total 12 minutes duration.

On completion of treatment, patient feels quite relief from dry eye symptoms. It is non-invasive and safe treatment for long lasting results in three to four sessions. For maintenance a session is usually scheduled after every four months.

The diagnosis of dry eyes is complex, as it is a manifestation of various eye diseases, still with experienced approach, if meibomian glands are found blocked, OPT / IPT / Lipiflow treatment has shown considerable improvement with long lasting effects.

People try for eye drops instead of Lipiflow treatment. But when you compare the outcome results of Lipiflow treatment, eye drops can never give you the desired results in long term.

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