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Is There Any Risk In Delaying The Cataract Surgery?

July 6, 2023

One of the most common eye conditions in people over 40 is cataract. Though ageing is considered to be the main reason, other factors, including heredity, sun exposure, etc., can also contribute. It is not a life-threatening issue, but it should still be addressed on time. The clouding of the eye lens, known as a cataract, requires surgery to remove it.

Cataracts can cause major issues if ignored. The only way to treat it, is through surgery because it cannot be treated with eyeglasses, eye drops, or drugs.

If you don’t get cataract surgery, the cataract, which is a clouding of the natural lens in the eye, will continue to progress and may eventually lead to several vision-related problems and complications.

Here are some potential consequences of not undergoing cataract surgery:

  • Vision impairment: Cataracts cause progressive vision loss. Initially, you may experience blurry or cloudy vision, difficulty in reading and problems with glare or seeing in bright light. As the cataract worsens, your vision may deteriorate further, leading to significant visual impairment.
  • Difficulty performing daily activities: Cataracts can interfere with your ability to perform routine tasks such as reading, driving, watching TV and recognizing faces. Your overall quality of life may be affected as you struggle with decreased visual acuity.
  • Increased risk of accidents: Impaired vision due to cataracts increases the risk of accidents, such as falls or collisions. The reduced clarity and contrast sensitivity can make it challenging to navigate your surroundings safely, particularly in low-light conditions or unfamiliar environments.
  • Negative impact on independence and lifestyle: Cataracts can limit your independence and affect your lifestyle. Engaging in activities you once enjoyed, such as sports or hobbies, may become difficult or impossible due to compromised vision.
  • Secondary issues: Advanced cataracts can lead to secondary issues such as glaucoma, inflammation, and retinal detachment. These conditions can further impair vision and may require additional treatments or surgeries.

A note from Ojas – Eye Hospital

It’s important to note that cataracts do not go away on their own. Once a cataract has developed, the only effective treatment is surgical removal. Cataract surgery is a commonly performed procedure that involves replacing the clouded natural lens with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). The surgery is generally safe and highly successful in restoring vision and improving quality of life for most individuals.

If you suspect you have cataracts or have been diagnosed with them, it is advisable to consult with an ophthalmologist to discuss the best course of action and determine if cataract surgery is appropriate for you.

Why should you visit Ojas – Eye Hospital for cataract surgery?

If you’re looking for an eye hospital to have cataract surgery, head to Ojas – Eye Hospital. We have performed numerous cataract operations in Mumbai to treat a large number of patients who had cataracts. We use the most recent equipment and technology to make the treatment easy and comfortable for our patients. Why are you still waiting? Schedule a consultation right away with the top eye doctors at Ojas – Eye Hospital in Mumbai.


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