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What Are The Things To Be Considered Before Lasik Treatment?

What Are The Things To Be Considered Before Lasik Treatment?

August 12, 2019


Lasik surgery is done to improve vision. It alters the shape of cornea so that the light properly gets focused on retina resulting in clear vision. Like with any other surgical process, various precautions and questions comes in the mind of person planning to undergo Lasik surgery.

What Are The Things To Be Considered Before Lasik Treatment?

Following are some of the tips you should consider before having Laser surgery:

  • Know about your surgeon: Know about your surgeon’s experience and the number of successful surgeries done by him/her. Choose a certified doctor for your treatment.
  • Know about the risk of Lasik treatment: As this is a surgical process which involves a vital organ i.e. eye, you should ask your doctors about the risk involved in Lasik surgery.
  • Ask questions about surgery: To avoid any surprise factor and anxiety, you should ask every minute detail’s related to Lasik surgery.
  • Learn for recovery process: Know the time and the recovery process, for example, how much time to wait for doing a physical activity such as sports, and using makeup.
  • Ask for LASIK alternative: If you are not a good candidate for Lasik surgery ask your doctor about the alternative treatment.
  • Get information about the refractive error: If you have severe myopia, you may require a repeat procedure known as refinements. More myopic a patient is, more are the chances of requiring refinement surgery.
  • Follow pre-surgery instruction: Your doctor may ask you to stop wearing the contact lenses. Patients who wear soft contact lenses should stop wearing 2 weeks before surgery while patient wearing hard lenses should stop them 3 weeks before surgery.
  • Know you are a good candidate for this surgery: Not all candidates are good for this treatment. The comprehensive ocular evaluation will determine your candidature for Lasik surgery.

Is Lasik Safe In Long Term?

Lasik treatment is safe and effective in the long term. With this surgery, the structure of the cornea is altered and near-sightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism are corrected. In this procedure, the surgeon uses the excimer laser for removing the tissues of cornea. Lasik surgery is a permanent treatment and generally does not have any time limitation.

Does Lasik Surgery Cause Pain?

Lasik treatment usually does not cause pain before and after treatment. In rare case, the post-operative Lasik surgery causes pain in your eyes. If you have significant pain after surgery, immediately contact your doctor. Before performing a Lasik surgery, the doctor will administer an eye drop to avoid any type of pain and discomfort during surgery. Some doctor will also prescribe medications to relax your body during a Lasik treatment. As there is no incision on the eyes, this surgery does not involve any stitches. However, your doctor will prescribe you various antibiotics to prevent post-operative infections. You may feel some pressure on the eye after this treatment.

What Is The Best Age For Having Lasik Surgery?

Lasik surgery shows a good result at any age. But some factors affect this surgery at different age such as:

  • Lasik surgery at 18 ages: Lasik surgery is done at age 18 and over 18. But for best result, you wait for a few more years because, until age 24, your eyesight changes continuously.
  • Lasik surgery at 25-40 ages: Lasik is generally performed at 25-40 age. At this age, the stability of prescription of contact lens and eyeglasses is good which is prerequisite for a good candidate for Lasik.
  • Lasik surgery at 40-55: If you are a non-smoker and have good health after reaching this age range or do not have any medical history, you may have Lasik surgery.
  • Lasik surgery after 56: After 56, there are high chances that the person may suffer from cataract. Lasik in cataract is not recommended unless the cataract is stable and not significantly affecting vision.

Did The Use Of Glasses Get Completely After Lasik Surgery?

Lasik treatment in a patient with vision problem significantly reduces the need for eyeglasses. The need for glasses after Lasik treatment depends on the age of the patient and other types of vision problems. In some cases, people wear eyeglasses, particularly during reading.

Can A Person Have Lasik Surgery Twice?

There are no limits, how much time you may undergo this procedure. People may require enhancement surgery or refinement surgery if the prior Lasik failed to achieve the desired vision. But secondary Lasik and Lasik enhancement are based on thickness and size of cornea. The ophthalmologist will evaluate the condition of your eyes and analyze the risk involved with Lasik surgery depending upon your age and other parameters. There is a risk involved with secondary Lasik surgery and many patients are not eligible for enhancement surgery.


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