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Foggy Eyeglasses During Mask-Wearing

July 26, 2021


Masks have now become a crucial part of our daily life due to the COVID-19 virus. It is one of the critical steps to prevent the spread and transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

While the mask is preventing the unwanted spread of the virus, it has also become a problem for millions of glass wearers. Masks annoy glass wearers by inducing fog on the glasses.

Foggy glasses are not only troublesome but also dangerous sometimes. Chances of having an accident while driving increases due to foggy glasses. Foggy glasses can cause one to fall or even slip while walking.

Why Are Eyeglasses Foggy While Wearing A Mask?

There may be a scientific reason behind eyeglasses becoming foggy while wearing a mask.

When we inhale air to breathe, the warm air escapes from the top of the mask. The escaped air then lands on the relatively cool surface of the glass and creates fog or condensation (the process of converting vapour into liquid). It forms the thin layer of moisture on the inner surface of the glasses.

The fog created  on the glass causes inconvenience to the glass wearer. It also raises the question of the safety of an individual while doing activities like driving or walking.

To know about the simple and effective ways to wear a mask without compromising your vision, you can read the following tips.

Tips To Prevent Foggy Glasses Due To Mask

Use water and soap

Before wearing your eyeglasses, you should clean your glasses with soap water to avoid foggy glasses. After washing the glass, shake off the excess and keep it for air-dry. You can wipe it off with a soft cloth. Soap water develops a translucent surfactant film to protect it from fogging and induces a surfactant effect.

Tape your mask

A simple solution of using double-sided tape or a band-aid can be effective in your hard time with foggy glasses. You can easily put the cotton part of the band-aid on the bridge of your nose by covering half of the mask.

Wear your glasses over your mask

If you can keep your mask higher on the nose, you can easily seal the mask by placing your glasses on it. It can help in preventing the escape of breath.

Place a tissue on the inside of the mask

Placing a folded tissue under the bridge of your mask can absorb all the escaping moisture. This can be effective in preventing moisture from settling on the glasses.

Improve the fitting of the mask

Many medical masks have adjustable metal strips. These strips are flexible that can bend to give an effective fit to your nose.

Many homemade masks are  unable to prevent foggy glasses due to the lack of metal strips in them. But you can ensure the fit by adjusting the strips of the masks.

Buy solutions for foggy glasses

Certain wipes and spray are specially designed to manage the foggy glasses problem. Before buying one out, it is necessary to check the ingredients in it. So that any ingredient of the product does not damage the protective coating of the eyeglass lens.

Start wearing contact lenses

Contact lenses are a great choice over glass wears. Contact Lenses move along with your eyes and give you a natural field of view. Unlike glass wears, lenses won’t fog up and help you to live an active lifestyle.

Consideration of LASIK surgery

In the present situation of COVID-19, LASIK can be an effective, safe and trusted procedure. It reduces the shape of the cornea and removes nearsightedness, farsightedness like eye problems due to the abnormal shapes of the cornea. You can permanently get rid of foggy glass wears as you don’t need to wear it anymore.

Shop for anti-fog lenses

A coating of anti-fogging solution can be applied on the backside of the lenses. Anti-fogging lenses can be a better choice to avoid fogging problem. You can buy it from the shop near you or you can also visit online sites to get a wide range of varieties.

What Are The Best Ways To Clean Your Glasses?

Cleaning glasses is a crucial part that helps to maintain personal hygiene. Glass frames can get dirty easily with the oils secreted from the skin of your face.

  • You can run your frame under warm water and use a mild soap.
  • Then rinse the frame thoroughly under warm water
  • You can clean the nose pads by rubbing them with alcohol in a towel.


You cannot afford not to wear a mask in this difficult period of COVID-19. But now it is also tough and uncomfortable to wear a mask along with glasses. You can consider the compilation of tips for lifting the fog from your glasses. The methods may not be perfect but can definitely be used to resolve the foggy glass problem.


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