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What To Expect After Lasik Surgery?

October 27, 2020


Lasik surgery is the most common surgery to correct vision associated disorders. LASIK stands for laser in-situ keratomileusis and is referred to as optical laser surgery that is performed to correct refractive errors. When light does not precisely focus on the retina, your vision seems to be blurred. Doctors usually recommend LASIK surgery to correct this refractive error. The various refractive errors  includes:

  • Near-sightedness (Myopia)
  • Far-sightedness (Hyperopia)
  • Astigmatism.

People suffering from these vision defects usually wear contact lenses and glasses to correct their vision. LASIK surgery can be an excellent alternative for permanently eliminating lenses and glasses.

This surgery is performed with a LASER for reshaping the clear frontal layer of the eye, the cornea, so that light can easily be focused on the retina.

People, while undergoing this surgery, don’t feel any pain, and the procedure takes about 15 minutes to get both eyes corrected.

What Does One Expect A Day After Lasik Surgery?

When the day of LASIK surgery arrives, you may start feeling a little bit anxious about what to expect after surgery and what will be the recovery time. Once you arrive at the center for your procedure, the staff will explain what you would feel during the procedure. During the procedure, you might experience slight discomfort and, in some cases, mild pain. In that case, the doctor may recommend some pain relievers. The procedure is usually over in a short amount of time (10-15min).

After resting for an hour in the recovery suite, you will be discharged from the hospital. The doctor will advise you to sleep for 4-5 hrs after the procedure.

What to expect immediately after the laser treatment

  • Your vision appears to be hazy or blurry, and you may feel mild pain.
  • There may be mild irritation and burning sensation in your eyes.
  • You may have an intuitive sense that you want to rub your eyes; however, you should avoid it.
  • The white part of your eye could seem red and mildly congested.
  • You have increased sensitivity towards lights like glares from bright lamps, starbursts, or halos around lights. These visual effects come and go throughout the primary few weeks of post LASIK.

All these symptoms improve within a few days after your surgery. You can resume all your regular day-to-day activities a day after surgery. You should avoid splashing water, take steam, and avoid dust-related environment for a week .You may experience some visual fluctuation as it takes a few days to wks to stabilize your vision following LASIK.

Tips To Take Care Of Your Eyes After Lasik Surgery

  • Wear sunglasses before stepping into a bright sunny space.
  • Avoid reading in excess and read as much as you can as it may cause some strain in your eyes, and strain your vision.
  • Avoid doing risky activities like playing a contact sport
  • Avoid makeup for 2 weeks post LASIK, particularly eye makeup like eyeliner, mascara, or kohl, as it contains some chemicals that may irritate your eyes.
  • Avoid entering pools and tubs for a month to prevent bacterial infections.

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