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Precautions After Lasik Surgery

November 29, 2021


The outcome of the LASIK surgery largely depends upon the care after the procedure. The patients should follow all the instructions of the doctor to accelerate healing and avoid complications.

Precautions After Lasik Surgery

For effective outcome, the patients need to take the following precautions after LASIK Surgery:

Take complete rest: The patients may experience irritation watery eyes, dryness, swelling, and light sensitivity. On the day of surgery, the vision is blurred and hazy. Thus, the patients should take complete rest for at least one day after the LASIK surgery.

Do not rub eyes: There is a flap formation during the surgery. The doctor replaces the flap at the end of the surgery. The cornea will heal by itself. However, complications may arise if the patients rub their eyes. It may cause the displacement of a corneal flap. Never rub your eyes after the surgery.

Take medications as prescribed: Like other surgeries, LASIK surgeries also have a risk of several complications, such as infection. To minimize the risk of complications, the doctor may prescribe drugs, such as anti-inflammatory and antibiotics. Patients should always adhere to the schedule of administration of drugs.

Do not wear eye make-up: Eye-make contains several chemicals and contaminants. The doctor may ask you to avoid eye makeup for at least one week after the surgery. This will help in minimizing corneal flap complications, corneal injury, and infection.

Protect eyes from sunlight: Bright light may be harmful to the cornea when it is in the healing stage. Avoid exposure to bright sunlight. However, if there is an urgency to visit outside, always wear sunglasses.

Use eye shield: Although people avoid rubbing their eyes during the daytime as they are awake. However, there are high chances of accidentally rubbing the eyes while sleeping. Thus, you should wear eye shields for at least 3-4 nights after the LASIK surgery.

Do not drive: Patients may have blurred vision for the first 1-2 days after the LASIK surgery. Patients must avoid driving as this may lead to accidents.

Avoid strenuous exercise: Avoid exercising and playing sports at least 2-3 weeks after the procedure. The sweat during exercise and sports may contaminate the eyes, increase the risk of infection, and interfere with corneal healing. Further, avoid playing contact sports, if possible. Wear protective gear while in contact sports.

Take care while bathing: The patient may take a bath on the body below the face. Do not allow water, shampoo, or soap to enter the eyes as it may result in infection. Avoid a shower or perform swimming for at least two weeks after the surgery.

Avoid screen: Dryness is one of the most common side effects after LASIK surgery. Watching TV, laptop, or mobile strain the eyes and further increase dryness. Thus, it is necessary to avoid the screen at least 3-4 days after the surgery.

Do not expose to active or passive smoking: Cigarette smoke contains several substances that increase irritation in the eyes after LASIK surgery. It will interfere with corneal healing and increase the urge to rub.

Never miss scheduled – follow-up visits: Scheduled follow-up visits are important to monitor the healing. The doctors evaluate the health of the eye and immediately take corrective measures if any deviation is reported.


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