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How Safe Is Lasik Surgery In Covid-19?

April 28, 2021


Many hospital and medical practices have been affected during the COVID 19 pandemic due to several changes in protocols. The ophthalmology procedures are also affected in this pandemic.

LASIK eye surgery is a selective procedure which means it is not a medical emergency. It has been the world’s most popular surgery that corrects farsightedness, nearsightedness and astigmatism.

How Covid-19 Affects The Eyes?

Many organs in the body, including the respiratory tract, are lined by mucous membrane. The membrane is susceptible to the coronavirus. It also lines the surface of the eye and inside surface of eyelids and is known as the conjunctiva.  The virus transmission through conjunctiva is a rare condition but can cause conjunctivitis. In this condition, your eye appears pink & the inner membrane (conjunctiva) gets inflamed.

The typical general body symptoms associated with the coronavirus are fatigue, fever and a dry cough and the primary mode of transmission still is infected droplets. The evidence of infection transmission through the eyes is not well studied and documented, but, it may be possible that the coronavirus may spread through the eyes.

Is There Any Risk In Undergoing Lasik Surgery In Covid-19?

Many people are enquiring if LASIK surgery is safe during COVID 19 pandemic. Due to the increased risk of spreading infection through a contact lens, many people opt for LASIK surgery for vision correction.

LASIK surgery helps in getting rid of contact lenses and foggy glasses, especially in health care professionals who have a high risk of acquiring a virus. The procedure is safe when it is done by taking proper necessary precautions.

How To Prepare For Lasik Surgery In Covid-19?

It is necessary to prepare yourself before deciding to treat your eyes with LASIK surgery. Consider the following measures to prepare for the surgery.

  • You should find a skilled and experienced surgeon who performs the surgery with the highest level of safety and care.
  • The doctor may conduct a COVID-19 test before surgery.
  • If you are eligible, you should get vaccinated for COVID-19.
  • Before entering the centre, it is necessary to check the body temperature and other symptoms such as cough. The surgery should be avoided if a patient is diagnosed with any of the symptoms.
  • The patients should maintain social distancing and hand hygiene. They should wear the mask and washed clothes.
  • The patients should have no stress and should not come with an empty stomach before surgery.
  • The patient should bring the prescription and prescribed medicines.

How To Take Care After The Lasik Surgery?

Generally, LASIK surgery has a quick recovery time. However, there are certain precautions one should take to avoid complication and ensure healing. The following postoperative care is required to obtain better results.

  • Sleeping for few hours immediately after the surgery will prevent discomfort and accelerate recovery.
  • Use eye drops such as antibiotic eye drop to prevent eye infection, steroid eye drops to decrease inflammation, and artificial eye drops to avoid irritation.
  • It is advised to avoid rubbing your eyes for at least two weeks after the surgery to prevent any infection and flap damage .It also reduces the risk of COVID-19 transmission if you have accidentally touched the surface contaminated with coronavirus.
  • You should wear protective plastic shields or glasses to avoid accidental rubbing while sleeping for at least three to four nights after the surgery. Wear sunglasses or dark glasses to protect your eyes from bright light. It speeds up corneal healing.
  • Instead of taking showers, you should take a bath to protect your eyes from water, shampoo and soap that can cause infection.
  • You should avoid driving for at least a day after the surgery. However, restrictions on driving depend on the healing process of your eyes. While driving, do not forget to wear a mask.
  • One should restrict applying any creams, lotion or other cosmetics around the eyes for at least two weeks after the surgery. It is necessary to prevent contamination through make-up products.

What The Evidence Concludes About Lasik Surgery In Covid-19?

LASIK comes under elective therapy as it does not treat any life-threatening disease. Further, like other surgeries, the risk of COVID-19 spread is not high due to the not so close proximity of the patients and the surgeons. In a study done in Dubai, it was found that the procedure is safe if the surgeons follow all the protocols of COVID-19 and have access to personal protective equipment.


LASIK surgery not only improves your vision but also provides you with additional benefits. However, proper precaution should be taken before opting for LASIK surgery. Follow all the instructions provided by your doctor. Wear masks all the time in the hospital until the doctor or nurses ask you to remove them just before the surgery.

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