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How to choose the best LASIK Centre and LASIK surgeon in Mumbai?

How to choose the best LASIK Centre and LASIK surgeon in Mumbai?

October 30, 2019

Unlike many other surgeries, it is more convenient to find surgeons of LASIK or Relax SMILE laser vision correction. But an abysmal eye surgery could affect negatively as an abysmal heart surgery. So consulting the best LASIK surgeon in Mumbai plays a prime role. A qualified LASIK surgeon would possess an authorized long run fellowship training at best hospitals, international reputed quality care,  laser vision correction and a great willingness and ability cope up with the patients throughout their medical journey until solving their problems.

Selecting an unrivalled LASIK surgeon and a finest LASIK Centre in Mumbai include several factors to consider. Those are;

LASIK fellowship training in long run.

Vision issues that can be cured by using spectacles are only corrected with the naked eye. Our eyes are very special for that can only be treated well with a specialist LASIK surgeon in Mumbai for a better and safe outcome. It’s very important to check your doctor’s credentials and make sure he/ she has a fellowship training in an internationally reputed centresfor at least a couple of years in LASIK and relax SMILE to avoid risks.

‘Cornea’ fellowship board certification.

Cornea is the front part of the eye where the LASIK is done. Only a fine LASIK surgeon in Mumbai with a suitable qualifications can tactfully handle the surgery efficiently and effectively even with the post-surgery issues. Thus, making sure that our doctor has a board license apart from the basic qualification is a must.

Scientific credentials and repute

The LASIK surgeon in Mumbai that you choose should be updated of all the available knowledge and advancements of LASIK, Relax SMILE and so on. And also he/she should be practicing evidence based medicine. These requirements are the icing on the cake. The surgeon you choose should be famous enough that he is invited to do lectures for learning doctors in other parts of the world as it emphasizes his own smartness.


The LASIK centres in Mumbai and the LASIK surgeons in Mumbai that you consult should have at least 10 – 15 years of reputed service. To consult a surgeon who has done over 10,000 LASIK surgeries with different areas of issues is most welcomed and would give a best result for the patient.

Versatile Surgeons

One noticeable factor apart from the above is the versatility of the LASIK surgeon in Mumbai since LASIK is not only the job he should be able to handle with variety of procedures. Being thorough in LASIK, Femto LASIK, Relax SMILE, PRK, EpiLASIK, LASEK and clear lens replacementand the current technology is essential to have trust in them. The surgeon who has above qualities can deal with any type your vision disorders.


Choosing the good technology place is equally important as choosing the best surgeon. Make sure the LASIK Centre in Mumbai has excimer laser and femtosecond laser to provide LASIK, Relax SMILE laser vision corrections and Femto LASIK. Using VISUMAX lasers in the centres are very much advisable since that is the current world wide best tool trending to perform all types of techniques. Additionally, the technology should also be the safest.


Always note that you are treating your eyes. So have a first class facilitated clean atmosphere when choosing for a non-problematic solutions. Never consider a gloomy place for a comparatively cheaper price.

Own Centre Or Travels To Other Centres

It’s preferable to make sure that the LASIK surgeon has his/her own LASIK centre. Because if he owns one he might have had so many own experiences than having few in another Centres that he travels.


Several surgery centres have their own ways to advertise their LASIK centres in Mumbai. Such as, through internet, newspapers, televisions and radio channels and etc. Some advertisements are in detail and some are not. We should not only consider the cheaper price amount they mention in the advertisements and go for a doctor.


You can get information about the best surgeons from your regular doctor. Having referrals is important to know about the LASIK surgeons in Mumbai in your area. You also can call the reputed doctors you know from far and inquire about the best ones in your surrounding and ask for recommendation.


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