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Top Reasons For Undergoing Lasik Surgery

October 29, 2020


LASIK surgery is one of the most predictable and highly effective surgery. It allows the person to get rid of contact lenses and eyeglasses. People opt for LASIK surgery for a variety of reasons. These reasons are clear vision without glasses, convenience, and a gain in self confidence due to good cosmesis.

Reasons For Undergoing Lasik Surgery

Different people have different reasons for having LASIK surgery. Some of the most common reasons for LASIK surgery are:

Clear vision: LASIK surgery provides improvement in the vision that was not possible with contact lenses and eyeglasses. This is possible because the LASIK surgery permanently reshapes the cornea and ensures permanent vision correction.

Freedom: People with LASIK surgery have freedom from contact lenses and eyeglasses. There is no need to travel with an extra pair of lenses or glasses. In the case of new parents, they do not require searching for the glasses or insert contact lenses in the middle of the night when their child needs them.

Self-confidence: Getting rid of the glasses and contact lens improves the confidence of the person. This is applicable both in personal and professional life. Some people believe that there is an improvement in their appearance when they do not have their glasses on. Further, LASIK surgery also helps in working in those areas which might not be possible before LASIK, such as in defence, merchant navy or police force.

Cost-Effectiveness: LASIK surgery is cost-effective in the long run. The person has to buy glasses and contact lens frequently, which adds up to a cost greater than the one-time cost of LASIK surgery.

Easy procedure: LASIK surgery is an easy, out-patient procedure. The surgery is virtually painless and causes only mild discomfort. The outcome is excellent, and the results of the surgery are instant. With more advanced technology, the procedure is very safe. The only thing you require is strict adherence to the doctor’s instructions.

Exercise or sports: People who want to make a career in sports, especially contact sports, such as football, cricket, hockey, are opting for LASIK surgery. Playing such sports with your glasses or contact lens may cause problems. People who are into fitness, cycling , running  and body building also opt for LASIK surgery. This is because there is a risk of glass damage or contact lens infection secondary to sweating during exercise.

Contact lens complications: Contact lens requires proper hygiene and frequent replacement. Improper hygiene may result in complications such as ocular infection. LASIK surgery helps in avoiding such complications.

Convenience: LASIK surgery provides significant convenience to the person. There is no need to carry the spectacles or contact lens solutions with you during traveling. There is no need to insert the contact lens daily, and frequent cleaning of glasses is a thing of the past after LASIK surgery.

Swimming: People with a passion for swimming or who want to make a career in swimming opt for LASIK surgery. This is because the contact lens during swimming increases complications, and a person may have difficulty in swimming with eyeglasses.

Ready For Seeing The World With New Vision

Do you have any of the above or any other reason for undergoing LASIK surgery? Then what are you waiting for? LASIK surgery is a safe surgery with an excellent outcome. Get in touch with the best surgeon who performs LASIK eye surgery in Mumbai which is at Ojas Eye Hospital, Dr Niteen Dedhia, a pioneer of Bladeless Lasik in India.


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