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Caring Your Eyes During Work From Home

March 29, 2022


In this era of the coronavirus epidemic, the number of people working from home has significantly increased since the start of the year 2020. As a result, the time spent by a person in front of the screen has significantly increased. Eventually, this may lead to eye-related problems. Prolonged use of screens, especially computers, may increase eye strain. Even under the best ambient conditions, spending significant time in front of the computer screen can lead to an eye strain known as computer vision syndrome. Spending significant time in front of electronic devices may affect the functions served by the eye. It means that the eye’s ability to converge up close has been decreased. When we work on the computer, we blink less often than we should. Therefore, following these steps will help keep your eyes healthy and in good condition.

Rest Breaks Are Important For The Eyes

It is very important to rest a few times, especially when working from home. It is the most important tip for caring for your eyes during work from the period. Provide rest to your eyes for a few minutes after every twenty to thirty minutes of working time. You can also try to divert your attention to something far, least twenty feet away. Do this at an interval of every half an hour. This is known as the 20-20 -20 rule. After every 20 minutes of onscreen time, take your eyes  20 seconds off the screen and look 20 feet away. After every two hours of working, massage the muscles around the eyes or wash your face with cold water. Avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands. It will help in lowering the strain on your eyes.

Maintain Safe Distance From Device To Protect Eyes

You should always keep a proper distance between your eyes and your computer screen. It will reduce the strain on your eyes. The screen should be at a distance equal to your arm. The screen should be positioned below the level of your natural line of sight. Looking slightly downward is easier and ergonomically better. It will also keep your eyelids slightly closed and prevent the eyes from drying up.

Larger Fonts, Less Eye Strain

If you have ever noticed yourself squinting to read out the text on your computer screen. The smaller is the font size, the more pressure on your eyes. Smaller letters needs more focusing with both the internal and external muscles of the eyes. Therefore, increasing the font size will decreasing the strain. One more thing you can do for maintaining the health of your eyes is that do not to get too close to the screen when you are reading the text.

Keep Good Light For Better Visibility

Ambient lighing of the room room is way more important than you think. Insufficient lighting may put a strain on your eyes. A lighting setting that is too bright can also increase the strain on your eyes and cause headaches. Your screen must be bright enough that you do not need to squint while reading the texts on the screen. For decreasing the strain on your eyes from screen glare, you can also use the anti-glare screen protector over it.

Sitting In An Appropriate Posture

Maintaining a proper posture while working is very important. It is the first step in preventing eye strain. For example, while you are sitting on a chair, make sure that your feet are flat on the floor. Also, make sure that your wrist is not resting on the keyboard. The wrist must be remain lifted while typing or using a mouse.

Blinking Does Wonder For Our Eyes

When it comes to decreasing the strain on the eyes during the ‘work from  home’  season, this is the most common and easiest approach. Blinking is among the most important things we naturally do without even thinking of it. Blinking of eyes evens out the tear film and hence adequately lubricates the eyes. This moisture i.e tear film helps in preventing the eyes from getting dry.  Studies have revealed that the blinking rate of a person who works on computer screen is reduced to one third the normal rate. This may  lead to reduced vision, eye dryness, and irritation. Hence conscious blinking while onscreen is beneficial.


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