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Do I need to visit an Eye Doctor?

February 22, 2021

Eyes form the mirror image of your inner self and to be precise this statement is both poetically and medically verified. Eyes reflect the beauty of your soul. You can tell everything from your eyes and they never lie. Also, they say a lot about your health than you can imagine. Your eyes are connected to your brain for visual recognition as well as they are connected to other vital organs of the body.

We understand that we all lead busy lives, But it’s important to set aside a time for an eye exam. As eyes are connected to different body parts, it is essential to get regular eye check-ups irrespective of your age or health status. Your eyes reflect the early signs of various diseases including high blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol levels, etc.

Is it important to have a regular eye check-up?

Most of us are under the impression that as long as we can see well, we do not need a routine eye check-up. Sometimes, we do visit to an optician to get a pair of glasses and we feel this is sufficient for our eye health.

The reality is entirely different, as most of the vision-threatening diseases do not have symptoms in the early stages, and cannot be picked up by a test for refractive error. Eye exams are performed by Ophthalmologists and involve not only checking your visual acuity and power of glasses, but also the comprehensive health of your eyes. It includes measuring your eye pressures, eye alignment, as well as evaluation of the Cornea, Lens and Retina.

There are people with certain conditions, who might require going for more than one eye check-up in a year, especially for those who are diabetic or over the age of 40.

Warning signs to visit eye doctor:

Following are some of the signs you should pay attention to and if these signs persist for a longer time, schedule a check-up accordingly:

  • Systemic diseases – Diabetic retinopathy is a consequence of diabetes. Lot of diabetic patients experience this in uncontrolled cases. Diabetes can act as catalyst to a lot of eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataract as well. This Disease damages vision on a slower pattern.
  • Eye pain – Eye pain is not normal most of the times and is considered as an alarming sign to visit your ophthalmologist. A persistent eye pain can be a sign of Glaucoma. Ignored eye pain may turn out be a disaster as in few eye medical emergencies, patients lose their eye sight in a short period of time. Symptoms like blurry vision, headache, nausea, and vomiting should never be taken casually.
  • Difficulty seeing at night or while driving – Few people report halo formations around lights and for them night driving is quite difficult. This may be a manifestation for early cataract development. Commonly, a pair of eye glasses solves the problem but if it doesn’t improve, it is advised to visit your eye doctor for thorough check up.
  • Red or pink eyes – Eye infection can range from allergies to medical emergency like Glaucoma. Having a red eye can be a sign of inflammation of conjunctiva (conjunctivitis). Allergies from pollens, mites may cause irritated and inflamed eyes. If the condition exceeds 48 hrs, it is the time to visit your eye doctor.
  • Frequent headaches – Eyes or vision issues are found linked to headaches quite often. It may be as simple as that you need to visit your optician for new pair of glasses. If you experience constant headaches, then it might be the right time to see an eye specialist. Diseases like Glaucoma can also trigger headaches. Visiting for routine eye checkups can provide you with early information about major eye issues and complications. People having jobs involved with more digital screen hours tend to experience tired and sticky eyes leading to headaches. If someone has been getting regular headaches, an ophthalmologist is of absolutely great help to figure out the cause of headache.
  • Seeing spots or flashes – Sometimes image is not formed properly on Retina and reason could be retinal detachment. It is considered as medical emergency. There is risk of vision loss if not attended by eye doctor in time. Sudden onset of flashes of light, black spots or dark shadows need immediate medical attention.
  • Eye discomfort when staring at a computer – Computer vision syndrome or digital eye syndrome can affect vision health. Long screen hours make eyes dull and tired. Eye doctor recommends 20-20-20 rule, Every 20 minutes, look into the distance at least 20 feet away from the computer or digital device. Do this for at least 20 seconds.
  • Tons of tears – Lot of tears can be a sign of dry eyes problem. Once the balance of tear composition is disturbed, it may lead to itchy and swollen eyes. It is extremely uncomfortable situation. Lubricating eye drops can be of some temporary relief.
  • Double vision – Such vision problem can be a sign of neurological medical sign like stroke. Although your eye doctor is equipped to diagnose the cause of double vision, it is never to be taken casually and left ignored. Sometimes retinal detachment can also cause double vision and promptness in treatment can save eyesight.

Never ignore the signs that your eyes are giving. Several eye problems can recover with prompt diagnosis and medication. If you are facing eye problems or want a routine eye check up feel free to consult our team of experts, call us at +91 9137462795 or visit our clinic at Bandra and Kandivali.


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