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August 25, 2022

A habit of rubbing your eyes frequently

Many people have a habity of rubbing their eyes without knowing the consequences it may have on our eyes.  When you feel tired, itchy, or dryness in your eyes, many people feel rubbing the eyes relieves all these symptoms. BUT THIS IS A MISCONCEPTION.

Is eye rubbing good for eye health? NO. The eye rubbing may temporarily relieve the symptoms, but it causes more harm than benefit to our delicate eyes.

There are invisible germs on your hands, fingernails, and skin constantly

Many microorganisms live on the surface of the skin, including your face and hands. The microorganisms on the skin are referred to as skin flora. It contains thousands of species of bacteria, viruses as well as other germs. Some bacteria, germs, or viruses are beneficial to the skin while others could cause several infections or skin diseases.

With every touch, hands can pick up germs from the any surface that they come in contact with. The germs stay trapped in our fingernails from where they can easily spread to other surfaces, including the eyes. Eyes are vulnerable and have a quick access for germs to enter especially in eye rubbers.

Mechanism of eyes

The eyes though vulnerable to several infections from environmental germs have their defense mechanism to protect them.

  • The external structure of the eyes includes eyelashes. These eyelashes protect the eyes from foreign body from entering the eye by trapping it within the hair.
  • The eyelids perform the simple action of blinking which also protects safety from foreign material at the entry
  •  The eye is also protected and nourished by a three-layered tear film that protects the cornea from debris and germs.

Eye Rubbing can cause injury to the cornea and can also give germs an entry to get into the eyes and may cause infection in vulnerable eyes.

Protecting eyes from germs

Doctors always insist upon patients to strictly avoid rubbing their eyes. People who wear contact lenses are in particular advised not to rub their eyes and maintain good eye hygiene. They have to wash their hands clean every time while inserting and removing the contact lenses. Washing hands thoroughly with soaps before touching eyes is crucial for safety of eyes.

Your fingernails should always be trimmed to prevent the transfer of germs to your eyes. Almost all types of germs and debris are collected in the fingernails. It is impossible to keep not touch the face and eyes. The cleaning of long nails is nearly impossible, so it is advisable to keep the nails trimmed.

Also people who are working in outdoor/ dusty areas can use protective glasses/ sunglasses to keep the eyes sheltered.


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