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Amblyopia: How to Correct a Lazy Eye

Amblyopia: How to Correct a Lazy Eye

January 11, 2023

Amblyopia is a significant eye disorder that impairs vision. It is also known as "lazy eye," which occurs when one eye gets weaker than the other during infancy or childhood. The brain favors the stronger eye, which causes the weaker eye to deteriorate gradually. Early detection is important since early treatment has a greater chance of success.

A child with amblyopia has clear vision in one eye and blurry vision in the other, and eventually, the brain uses the stronger eye, which ultimately worsens the vision in the weaker eye.

What signs and symptoms indicate amblyopia?

Amblyopia symptoms might be difficult to identify. Children who suffer from amblyopia may have impaired depth perception, making it difficult for them to make out how close or far something is. Parents may also observe the following indicators that their child is having trouble seeing clearly:

  • Squinting
  • Closing one eye
  • They tilt their head
  • Diagnosis of amblyopia

What tests can diagnose amblyopia?

Frequently, amblyopia is not recognized by parents until a doctor identifies it during an eye exam. For this reason, it’s crucial that all children receive a vision screening at least once between the ages of 3 and 5.

The procedure used to test your child’s vision depends on their age and developmental stage:

  • Preverbal children: Cataracts can be found with a lit magnifying tool. Other evaluations might measure a baby’s or toddler’s capacity to fixate their eyes and track a moving object.
  • Children age 3 and older: The child’s vision can be assessed using images or letters. To test the other eye, each eye is temporarily covered.

How is amblyopia treated?

Treatment for amblyopia is far more effective if it begins in early childhood, when the connections between the brain and the eyes are still forming.
Treatment options consist of:

  • Children’s eye patches: Your youngster is asked to cover the better eye with a patch for at least a few hours each day, for months or even years. The weaker eye gradually becomes stronger as the brain is forced to process images from that eye.
  • Glasses: Another typical remedy for lazy eyes is a pair of glasses. By reducing nearsightedness, farsightedness, and eye crossing, they can aid in the treatment of amblyopia.
  • Eye drops: To temporarily blur vision in the better eye, your doctor may advise using eye drops. The objective is the same as with a patch: to make the brain utilize the less-effective eye.
  • Surgery: Your doctor may advise surgery to treat some amblyopia-related conditions, such as cataracts, which are very uncommon.

Ojas – Eye Hospital’s statement on amblyopia

Children frequently lose their vision due to amblyopia. Early and routine vision testing for children is recommended so that medical professionals can identify any visual issues and begin treatments such as a patch or glasses, which can be quite beneficial before any significant vision loss occurs. If your child has any vision or eye concerns, consult our expert eye specialists at Ojas – Eye Hospital in Mumbai, to learn more.


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