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How To Select The Best Ophthalmologist?

July 5, 2021

Your eyes are an important part of your health. Most people rely on their eyes to see and make sense of the world around them. But with age or due to some accident, everyone needs an eye doctor once in his or her life. Seeing an ophthalmologist for early treatment or preventive eye care is the best way to reduce the risk of permanent eye damage and vision loss. Your ophthalmologist will guide you through many decisions about protecting your vision or treating an eye condition.

Your eyes are the window to the soul, and eye doctors know that the eyes are also windows to your physical body. So selecting the right ophthalmologist, is as crucial as getting the best eye treatment hospital. Usually we prefer to go with the friends and family opinion, when it comes to selecting a hospital or doctor for any treatment. But when it is the matter of your eyes and you are planning to undergo any eye treatment it may not be the only right approach to find best ophthalmologist for your precious eyes.

Ophthalmologist job is of great responsibility. Their knowledge, experience, and expertise can mean the difference between vision and blindness. Many times patients are diagnosed with underlying disease while visiting ophthalmologist, which is missed by general practitioner in routine checkup. Thus, choosing an ophthalmologist should not be taken lightly. 

So, here in this article, we are going to highlight the various tips about your vision and how to keep it healthy.

Who is an Ophthalmologist?

Ophthalmology is a branch of medicine dealing with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the eye and visual system. There are different types of eye care professional: optometrists, ophthalmologists and optician.

An ophthalmologist is a medical doctor (MD) who specialises in performing eye tests, diagnose, prescribe medications, perform eye surgery and treat diseases. They also write prescriptions for glasses and contact lenses.

Ophthalmologists undergo extensive training and the typical training route for would-be ophthalmologists, is at medical school. Hence they are viewed as medical and surgical specialists as well.

Do I need to visit Eye Clinic right away?

We recommend you to visit your eye doctor every six months. Prevention is better than cure, It is always advisable to seek professional help at the earliest. Moreover, taking preventive measures and regular care is always cheaper than the advanced treatment.  

But if you are experiencing any of these symptoms mentioned below, it’s time to seek expert help on your eyes . The symptoms are as follows:

  • Dry eyes – Tear glands are not able to make enough tears
  • Double vision
  • Conjunctivitis – Itching and burning sensation
  • Medical conditions like diabetes, thyroid, high BP
  • Eye floaters, Flashes and Eyestrain [tiredness in the eyes]
  • Refractive Errors 
  • Blurred or cloudy vision
  • Night Blindness – Difficulty to see in low light
  • Retina disorders
  • Cataract:  A cataract is an opacity within the clear lens of the eye
  • Glaucoma – It is a condition where increased intraocular pressure may result in damage to the optic nerve

Tips to Choose the Right Ophthalmologist for your eyes

Level of experience and track record

It matters the most when it comes to treatment. Check how many years he has spent in the specialised work. What kind of cases he has dealt with. Meanwhile if an Ophthalmologist has their surgical outcomes readily to hand, then you can have confidence in his  practice, with  a quantifiable and ongoing commitment to quality.

Professional credentials

It is a common practice to showcase achievements in the waiting lobby. Look for certificates, licenses, and education of the ophthalmologist. Which college they have attended for their medical degree? Do they speak in their speciality conferences? Are they member of any society or board in their specialised field?

Get Referrals

Before making an appointment to an eye doctor, ask your trusted medical professional for referral, as they might know each other professionally. Ask friends and relatives, if they have undergone the same treatment, which you are looking for. List out the names and do a little research on their profiles. There are doctors specialised in one particular treatment modality also, look for them.

Accreditations and quality assurances of their working hospitals

Is the Hospital equipped with the latest advances in the field? Is the infrastructure and operations of the hospital patient friendly? Is the hospital maintaining the safety and quality protocols of the patients? How many doctors are on board to handle any kind of emergency? Are doctors available on weekends and evenings in case of emergency?

Patient’s Testimony

Check what other patients have to say about the doctor. How is the response of hospital staff towards patients care? Is the hospital care and doctor’s behaviour trustworthy? how well is the communication system of the hospital regarding appointments, explaining the procedure and follow up after the treatment?

Engage in conversation

After extensive research about your eye doctor, talk to your ophthalmologist personally and check how comfortable you are with him. Check what kind of team he is working with? Is your doctor comfortable in answering your questions?

Hospital and operation theatres must have state-of-the-art apparatus for conducting critical eye operations such as Lasik, Cataract, retina surgery etc. at ease and efficiently.

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