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Is ptosis bad for your eyes? Learn more about ptosis causes and treatment

Is ptosis bad for your eyes? Learn more about ptosis causes and treatment

October 14, 2022

– Dr Niteen Dedhia, Dr Sneha Prabhu

What exactly is ptosis?

Droopy eyelids is known as ptosis. It usually affects the upper lids but occasionally the lower lids may be affected too.

When this condition affects only one eye, it is referred to as unilateral ptosis, and when it affects both eyes, it is referred to as bilateral ptosis.

Droopy upper eyelids can block or greatly reduce vision depending on how much the pupil is obstructed by the condition.

In rare cases, it resolves itself naturally; otherwise, proper medical treatment is required.

Types of  ptosis

  • Congenital ptosis: this type of ptosis is present since birth
  • Acquired ptosis: this happens much later in life

 The most common type of acquired ptosis is senile type, ie caused due to weakening of upper lid muscles due to ageing. The other cause of ptosis are neurological ie myasthenia gravis, horners syndrome.

Let’s learn about symptoms of ptosis

Certain symptoms can aid in the detection of ptosis.

  • Drooping eyes make blinking difficult.
  • Teariness
  • The eyes become gloomy and tense.
  • Vision may be impaired.
  • Headaches and dizziness can also be caused by poor vision.

Ptosis Causes

The following are some of the causes of ptosis:

  • When you wear contact lenses that are too harsh.
  • Excessive rubbing of the eyes
  • Following the completion of eye surgery
  • Constant swelling as a result of cysts ortumours.
  • Muscleproblems
  • Damage to the nerves
  • Trauma to the eye area
  • Botox or similar injections

What is the best way to treat droopy eyelids?

The treatment for droopy eyelids is determined by the cause and severity of the ptosis.

A ptosis crutch is a pair of glasses that can hold the eyelid up. When the droopy eyelid is only temporary, this treatment is often the most effective.


Your doctor may advise you to have ptosis surgery. The eyelid muscle is tightened during this procedure. This raises the eyelid into the desired position. A “sling” operation, in which an artificial sling is used to lift the eyelids up and is attached to the forehead muscles.

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