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Laser Eye Surgery

Laser Eye Surgery

August 7, 2019


Laser eye surgery is the option available to treat vision disorders. The patient undergoing laser surgery may either suffer from myopia or hypermetropia. With the advancement in technology, the surgery does not have severe complications but sometimes the patient may experience certain side effects. However, when done with high accuracy and precision through optimum use of technology, benefits almost always outweighs the risk.

Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery is a popular surgery which is used for the treatment of near-sightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism.

During this process, high energy laser is used to reshape the cornea. Reshaping of the cornea allows the light to focus right on the retina to form a proper image. It is a painless procedure with a fast recovery process.

The procedure is performed with high safety and accuracy. It is the most commonly used procedure for removing eyeglasses and 97% spectacle removal is done with laser surgery.

What Are The Side Effects / Risks Associated With Laser Eye Surgery?

  • Neuropathic pain: Laser surgery is used for reshaping the cornea. During this procedure, the nerve located in the cornea may damage and inflamed which may lead to pain.
  • Eye infection after surgery: If the post-surgical care of eyes is not done properly and according to doctor’s advice, there is a high risk of developing an infection. For prevention of eye infection, patients should I still antibiotic drops as directed by an ophthalmologist.
  • Night vision problem:  Some patients suffer from night vision problem after surgery which includes glare, haloes, and double vision. This problem generally remains until a few days to a few weeks after surgery.
  • Flap problems: During laser eye surgery the flap of the eyes gets fold to back which can cause an eye infection. The patient may also experience increased tear production.
  • Dry eyes: The patient may experience dry eyes for six months after surgery. This is due to reduced tear production. Further, dry eyes also reduce the quality of vision.
  • Under correction: When the laser surgery removes little tissues from eyes patient may not be able to get a clear vision. In this condition, patients need another laser operation for removing more tissues from eyes to correct eye problems.
  • Corneal ecstasies: Corneal ecstasies is a rare and serious side effect of laser surgery. Laser surgery may lead to thinning of the central, paracentral and peripheral cornea.

To reduce side effects to a minimum, patient should find best laser eye treatment in Mumbai.

What Are The Benefits Of Laser Eye Surgery?

  • Take less time: The laser techniques a few minutes to correct vision problem of eyes and provides a permanent result.
  • Fast recovery process: The recovery process of this operation is fast. The vision of patients is improved immediately after surgery or within a few hours. This surgery does not cause any type of disruption in your busy schedule.
  • No need for glass: After this surgery, the patient does not need to wear glass and contact lens.
  • Painless technique: During this surgery patient do not experience any pain in the eyes. Because this procedure is done by a laser technique, there is no cut or incision in eyes during surgery.
  • Affordable technique: Patients with vision problems spent a lot of money on buying contact lens and glasses. Laser technique is not an expensive technique and also provide a permanent treatment to the patients. In the long term, the laser technique is more economical as compared to glasses and contact lenses.

How To Find The Best Laser Eye Surgeon?

Eye is one of the most valuable organs in human body. Thus, there should be a zero-risk decision when it comes to eye surgery.

With the advanced treatment and highly sophisticated instruments, the laser surgery does not have any serious complications. The choice of best laser eye surgeon may reduce the risk of complication to a minimum.

Now the question arises, how to choose best eye surgeon? The answer to this depends upon various factors.

The surgeon should have the advanced degree in ophthalmic surgery and should have a considerable amount of experience in performing laser surgeries. The surgeon should preferably be undergone training abroad as this may help in getting customized to latest technologies.

The success rate of surgery and hospital infrastructure also helps in determining the best ophthalmic surgeon for laser surgery.


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