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Strabismus (Squint Eye) vs Amblyopia (Lazy Eye): How Are They Different From Each Other?

Strabismus (Squint Eye) vs Amblyopia (Lazy Eye): How Are They Different From Each Other?

January 11, 2023

People typically misunderstand the terms strabismus and amblyopia and frequently use them interchangeably, so let us talk about both today. And everything you need to know about each of these disorders, from their causes to treatments, is provided below.

What is a squint eye?

Squint eye and cross-eye both refer to the same ailment, also known as strabismus. Due to this problem, the eyes do not look in the same direction at the same time. The direction of one or both eyes can be inward, outward, upward, or downward. The brain finds it challenging to bring together images from each eye to generate a single image. This problem can be either continuous or intermittent.

What is a lazy eye?

A lazy eye occurs when one of your eyes has not developed its vision adequately. The word used by doctors to characterize this problem is amblyopia. If you don’t receive treatment, your brain will eventually learn to disregard the image coming from your weaker eye. As a result, with time, vision problems could develop.

What are the causes of squint eye?

Hereditary, traumatic factors, amblyopia etc. may be responsible for squint eye. 

What are the causes of lazy eye?

The causes differ depending on the condition that a person has. Uncorrected refractive errors in the eye cause refractive amblyopia. Amblyopia can be brought on by cataracts. A misaligned eye’s input is ignored by the brain, which can result in amblyopia.

What are the symptoms of squint eye?

Whether it is persistent or intermittent depends on the type of strabismus. However, a few of the most widespread signs are as follows:

  • Uncoordinated eye movements
  • Tilting or twisting of the head to try to focus on to something

What are the symptoms of lazy eye?

Amblyopia cannot be identified by mere observation because it has no outward signs. However, a few widespread symptoms and indicators include:

  • A poor sense of depth
  • Head tilting and eyes that seem to be out of alignment
  • An eye that strays from blinking or closing abnormally

What is the treatment for squint eye?

There are numerous strabismus treatment possibilities. Your eye doctor will suggest the most appropriate course of action based on the underlying cause of the disease.

  • Prescription glasses for vision treatment
  • Eye exercises both inhouse and at home
  • Eye muscle surgery

What is the treatment for lazy eye?

The severity of the condition and the cause of lazy eye affect the available treatments. Either is possible.

  • Corrective eyewear
  • Eye patches

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