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Our Eyes

August 20, 2022


The eye is a very delicate organ. It is made up of complex structures and optical systems that enable us to see the world. It helps to focus the light into a point focus, which enables us to see objects around us.

So what parts are our eyes made up of?

Structure of eyes


  • The external part of the eye that covers the eyeball and protects it from dust and injuries. The eyelashes trap dirt and debris from coming into contact with the eyeball.
  • Blinking facilitates proper spread of the tear film on the ocular surface thus keeps the eyes hydrated.


  • Is the opening in our iris which regulates the amount of light entering the eye, similar to a camera aperture.
  • Pupil becomes smaller in bright light to reduce the amount of light entering the eye, and it becomes bigger in low light enabling us to see better.


  • It is the outer, white protective layer of the eye.
  • It gives support to the internal ocular structures and also serves as an attachment for the eye muscles.


  • This is the coloured part of the eye. It contain different pigments which impart different shades to our eyes.
  • The pupil is present at the centre of the iris which acts as a regulator of light


  • It is the clear structure that is present in the front of the eye.
  • It allows the light to enter the eye and protects the internal structures.
  • Lasik is a procedure for eliminating refractive errors which is done on the cornea.


  • The clear structure located behind the iris is known as the lens.
  • The lens has a focusing system which allow light to be converted into a point focus, thus helping us to see.
  • As we age, the lens starts getting cloudier, and is not able to transmit light. This is known as cataract.


  • The layer of the tissue present at the back of the eye is called the retina.
  • The retina aims to collect the light passing from the lens and converts it to visual information that is relayed to the brain.


  • It is the major vascular layer that is present between the retina and sclera. It provides nourishment and oxygen to the eye.

Optic nerve

  • The nerve that transmits electrical impulses from the retina to the brain

Vitreous humor

  • It is a gel-like a liquid present behind the lens which holds and supports the eyeball.
  • Sometimes we may experience floaters which are nothing but deposits in the vitreous.


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