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Presbyopia Correction – Options Of Treatment And Stages Of Presbyopia

Presbyopia Correction – Options Of Treatment And Stages Of Presbyopia

January 21, 2019

There is a three stage classification system for presbyopia. This is based on the normal phases of crystalline lens changes that occur with aging.

The lens ages similarly to the skin. As disulfide bonds accumulate inside the lens through all three stages, the lens loses flexibility and its density increases.

Stage 1- average age of 43 years. The lens is clear and colorless but lens loses its ability to change power as a result most patients have difficulty reading up close. Two surgical presbyopia correcting options are available during this stage at the best laser eye hospital in Mumbai which is Ojas eye care hospital at Bandra and the other Ojas Eye Care Hospital at Kandivali.

The two surgical treatment options of Stage I Presbyopia are

  1. Monovision LASIK
  2. Refractive Lens exchange called Presbyopia refractive Lens exchange ( PRELEX)

Stage 2 occurs in patients in their 50- 60’s, when lens becomes yellow and clouded. Patients require more light to read and have difficulty in night vision.

Treatment is removal of the lens called Refractive Lens Exchange. It is similar to cataract surgery and in Mumbai is done at Ojas Eye Hospital, Bandra and Ojas Eye Hospital, Kandivali.

Monovision LASIK in StageII Presbyopia will not last long and hence not recommended.

Stage 3 Presbyopia usually occurs at an average age of 73 years and patients have a cataract. The only treatment at this stage is surgery and cataract surgery in Mumbai is done with the latest technology of Microincision bladeless phacoemulsification ( MICS )and foldable premium intraocular lens implantation at Ojas Eye Hospital at Bandra and Ojas Eye Hospital at Kandivali. It is done by one of the best eye surgeon in Mumbai, Dr. Niteen Dedhia – leading eye specialist and Cataract surgeon of India.

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