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Recognizing Problems Associated With Childhood Vision

May 23, 2022


Healthy functioning of the eyes is essential to a child’s development because all activities including schooling depend on visual activity. Experts have estimated that more than half of the difficulties that child faces in learning are due to undiagnosed vision problem. So, an eye examination should be made an essential part of a routine paediatric examination.

Why Are Problems Related To Vision Not Commonly Diagnosed ?

The most common reason behind this is that the child does not recognize an abnormality in the vision and more so cannot express his visual experiences. They only know what they are seeing on their own, which is why they become less capable of telling what is going wrong to their guardian. These children with abnormal vision may show some subtler signs. The child may become fidgety and remain distracted, and might fail to complete the given tasks within  the  assigned time limit. An ignorant adult  would not recognize these subtle signs and may reprimand the children. They might start believing that they are not good at learning and get averse to educational activities, like going to school is not fun.

Signs And Symptoms That Parents Should Watch In Their Child

Some of the symptoms are associated with a vision problem and can be easily detected. If your child is experiencing some of the following issues, you should immediately go for a comprehensive eye exam.

  • Blinking and rubbing of eyes frequently.
  • frequent episodes of headache.
  • Facing difficulty in reading
  • The child has a habit of covering one eye.
  • avoiding reading activities
  • Forgetting the line or paragraph where the child was reading
  • The child is holding the reading material very close to their eyes.
  • The child tends to tilt the head to the side.
  • Having trouble remembering words or lines that they were reading or learning
  • The child cannot focus on close working tasks for a long time.

The most common reason for the vision problem left undiagnosed is the inability of the child to self-report the issue to the guardian. One other reason behind this is that many of them do not receive any comprehensive eye exams before they start going to school. Parents skip the eye tests for the children by thinking that the school nurse and the big E chart will tell if any abnormality is found with the vision. But the big E chart can only help find the problem of nearsightedness. A comprehensive eye exam before school is essential to find out these eye conditions :-

  • Cataract: Congenital cataract can be operated and a lens can be implanted depending on age.
  • Lazy eyes: In this condition, the vision of one eye is reduced while the other is normal. It can be treated by using patches and a corrective lens. But, if not treated can lead to irreversible loss of vision.
  • Astigmatism: The child may have a cylindrical power. It is a condition in which the vision of the child is blurred. It can be treated with the use of the corrective lens.

Never Skip Your Child’s Eye Exam

All the parents want to give their children the best oppurtunities to shine bright. The eyes play an essential role in this. If a child has an eye problem, it could interfere with their learning and overall development. Many childhood eye problems are treatable. Most parents are not aware of the eye-related problems and their complications and consequences. Because of this reason, most eye problems go undiagnosed. Therefore, for tackling all the above consequences, you must not miss the eye test or should immediately schedule an eye test for your child.


The eyes are our gateway to the world. It is an essential sense organ. Any problem related to vision may lead to the inability of the child to read, eventually may cause many consequences like decrease in morale of child, feeling low due to below par performance in studies, and may also affect the learning ability. Therefore, visiting an eye specialist and scheduling an appointment for an eye exam of your child is very important. It will help figure out any possible vision problem in the meantime so that the treatment can start at the right time.


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