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Say good – bye to dependence on glasses and contact lenses

Say good – bye to dependence on glasses and contact lenses

June 8, 2019

So what can CustomLASIK do for me?

Clinical studies have shown that CustomLASIK can improve not only you can see but also how well you can see. In the past, vision was measured using a standard vision chart. If you could see the letters, the doctor would proclaim your vision as a number, such as 20/20, 20/100, etc. But now, with CustomLASIK, doctors are also able to focus on the quality of your vision. Many patients who have had undergone custom LASIK procedure, report clear vision than ever before. It’s as if someone had taken an ink pad ans freshly stamped each letter on the vision chart in bold black letters. Because Custom LASIK corrects the unique imperfections in each individual’s vision, it is likely that the patient will have improved night vision.

What does CustomLASIK cost?

The cost of CustomLASIK is generally higher than the cost of conventional LASIK. CustomLASIK is performed using some of the most advanced technology in the vision industry. The procedure combines the technology of the wavefront analyzer with the precision of a computerized laser and the skill of the eye surgeon.

How will I know what procedure I need to have?

Your surgeon is the best person to tell you which procedure is the best suited for you. Everyone’s eyes are different and your eyes may best be treated with CustomLASIK. Schedule a consultation with-your eye doctor & together, you can determine which procedure is right for you.

What is CustomLASIK?           

CustomLASIK is a procedure that involves the use of a wavefront analyzer which enables your surgeon to customize the Conventional LASIK procedure to your individual eye. This customized procedure can result in patients seeing clearer and sharper than ever before.

What is the difference between CustomLASIK Conventional LASIK?

CustomLASIK uses an equipment called the wavefront analyzer (aberrometer) to accurately measure the way light travels thru the eye. The resulting map of the eye is then programmed into the laser, and the laser treats the eye based on the personalized 3D map. CustomLASIK helps to treat “higher order” aberrations, which are tiny imperfections in the optical system of eye. They have a significant impact on quality of vision. In fact, higher order aberrations have been linked to visual glare and halos. Higher order aberrations were previously untreatable with contact lenses, glasses or conventional LASIK.

Is the actual LASIK part, performed the same way? Or is it a completely different procedure?

The actual LASIK procedure is performed in exactly the same way in both Conventional LASIK and CustomLASIK. However, the pre-op testing for conventional LASIK and custom LASIK differ greatly. The wavefront analyzer used with CustomLASIK brings a whole new level of knowledge and accuracy for the surgeon to perform this advanced procedure.


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