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Smile vs Lasik – Which Laser procedure is better

Smile vs Lasik – Which Laser procedure is better

February 20, 2019

 In the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, in a study published on the results of early Recovery of quality of vision and optical performance , Small Incision  lenticule extraction (SMILE)  appear to provide the same efficiency and safety as Lasik.

A prospective case series study by A Chiche et al, JCRS (Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery) compared the two procedures SMILE and Lasik in terms of early recovery of Visual Function? The postoperative contrast sensitivity was better in the Lasik group at day 1 and day 7 but was same in both groups at 1 month.

Global satisfaction did not differ between the two groups throughout the study. Ojas Eye Hospital is one of the best laser Eye Hospital in Mumbai and a pioneer of Lasik treatment in Mumbai. Eye Surgeons at Ojas perform Lasik treatment in Bandra and in Kandivali. It is done by one of the best eye surgeon in Mumbai Dr. Niteen Dedhia who has experience of 22 years in Lasik surgery.


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