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Types Of Lenses In Cataract Surgery

November 30, 2021

Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is performed to replace the damaged natural lens with the synthetic lens. With the age and normal wear and tear, the protein in the natural lens degrades, causing a hazy and blurred vision.

Types Of Lenses In Cataract Surgery

There are different types of lenses that the doctor uses in cataract surgery. The type of lenses used depends upon the requirement of the patients. Discuss with your doctor about the best lenses suitable for you. Some of the lenses for cataract surgery are:

Monofocal lens: These are the standard lens used in the cataract surgery. These lenses allow you to see the objects clearly; however, the vision is only limited to particular distance. For instance, in case you have opted for lens for far vision, you need spectacles to see the near objects. The best option is to choose the lenses that help you to work in maximum part of the day. If you are associated with a work that requires good distant vision, such as driving, you can opt for distant vision lenses. Similar is the case with middle distance and short distance lenses. Focal lens made of different types are available in the market. These are Aurium (Monofocal) lenses which are photochromatic and Acrysof IQ (Monofocal) for excellent distant vision. The other Monofocal lenses are Aurovue (Monofocal), Akreos AO(Monofocal), and Acrysof SP(Monofocal).

Multifocal lens: These lenses are for the people who do not wear the glasses and did not want to do so in the future. The multifocal lens provides both the near vision and distant vision, thereby eliminating the need of glasses. However, your doctor may also inform you about some of the disadvantages that come along with multifocal lenses. These are reduced contrast sensitivity and glare. Further, it will also add to the overall cost of cataract surgery. Most mediclaim companies reimburse only the cost of Monofocal lens. It is important that you should consult with your insurance provider whether the multifocal lenses are included in the policy. Some lenses provide excellent vision in the far, intermediate and near distance.

Toric lens: Your eyes have two types of power. One is known as the spherical power, while the other is the cylindrical power. The natural lens is responsible for the spherical power and the corneal curvature is responsible for cylindrical power. The Monofocal and multifocal lenses corrects the spherical power. However, if the patients require cylindrical correction, he needs to wear the glasses. However, with the toric lenses, the doctor corrects both the cylindrical and spherical problems of the eye. Your doctor may advise you the toric lenses when you are suffering from astigmatism or pre-exiting cylindrical problem.

Monovision correction: If you do not wish implanting multifocal lenses due to their disadvantages, you may opt for Monovision correction. During this correction, the doctor implant lenses of different vision in each eye. In one eye, doctor implants the lens for far vision, while in the eye other, the doctor implants lens for near vision.


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