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Cataract Surgery: Why You Should Not Delay Or Avoid It!

Cataract Surgery: Why You Should Not Delay Or Avoid It!

January 11, 2023

Although cataract surgery is a simple solution for cataract in older folks, some people are anxious about it. ‘What if my doctor finds cataracts?’, ‘Should I proceed with the procedure?’are common concerns that run through a patient’s mind. Continue reading to learn what can occur if you delay having this major operation.

How do cataracts occur?

Our eyes have a natural lens inside them to aid with vision, the lens bends or refracts light rays entering the eye. Cataract is clouding of this natural lens in your eye. Although mild cataracts may not show any symptoms, as they progress, cataracts can alter your vision.

What happens if cataract surgery is delayed or avoided?

This procedure is not urgent, so you can put it off for some time. However, if it is interfering with your regular activities, like night driving, reading , fine work etc.  you should think about having the operation done as soon as possible.

It can worsen and cause the following issues if postponed or ignored for a long period of time:

  • Impact on your day-to-day activities: The cataract develops relatively gradually, but if it becomes advanced, it can interfere with your normal activities. You might not be able to carry out routine tasks like reading a newspaper, knitting, using electronics, etc.
  • Inability to drive at night: The very first indication of a cataract is poor night vision. As a result, nighttime driving becomes challenging.
  • Cataracts are one of the main causes of vision loss: If neglected, they can seriously impair your vision. It is impossible to identify the contributing components or predict how quickly they grow. Therefore, it is advised to have cataract surgery as soon as possible.
  • A cataract may become hyper-mature: If you put off having cataract surgery for a longer period of time, the cataract may hyper-mature (over – ripe)  and operating on such cataracts becomes challenging and the risk of complications also increase.
  • Increased recovery time: Recovery period post surgery in advanced cataracts is prolonged.

The following are the additional risks of delaying cataract surgery:

  • Glaucoma
  • Poor vision
  • Sudden headache
  • Eye inflammation

You shouldn’t avoid or delay having surgery due to the risks and problems listed above, because doing so would lower your quality of life and productivity. For the best outcomes, have the operation performed by a well-qualified and skilled ophthalmologist.

Why you should visit Ojas – Eye Hospital for cataract surgery?

Ojas – Eye Hospital is the place to go if you’re seeking for an eye hospital to have cataract surgery. In Mumbai, we have treated many patients who had cataracts by performing lots of cataract operations. To make the procedure simple and comfortable for our patients, we use the newest tools and technology. Why are you holding out? Make an appointment with the best eye specialists at Ojas – Eye Hospital in Mumbai right away.


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