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Benefits Of Lasik For Athletes

February 3, 2022


In today’s competitive world, every person wants to have a significant advantage over the other. Athletes are not an exception to this. They practice and work hard to achieve success. Vision plays a vital role in the performance of athletes. Athletes need a perfect vision for excellent perception, hand-eye coordination, and quick response. Unfortunately, the result of their hard work and years of practice can suddenly change because of poor eyesight/ thick glasses. To achieve a successful career, the athletes require perfect vision. LASIK surgery is one of the options that provide several advantages to athletes who re dependant on glasses.

What Is Lasik?

LASIK stands for LASER in-situ keratomileusis. This procedure helps people correct several refractive errors such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The cornea is the upper transparent layer of the eye. It helps in focusing light and assists in creating an image on the retina. The corneas focus light on the retina to create a perfect image. However, in people with refractive errors, the light may either focus in front or beyond the retina resulting in blurr vision.

People generally use glasses or contact lenses to create a clear retinal image and hence perfect vision. However, these have some disadvantages, especially in the case of athletes. LASIK surgery helps in reshaping the cornea. It will help the cornea focus the light correctly on the retina. LASIK is a painless surgery completed in 15 minutes to 30 minutes. It provides immediate results in most patients.

Sports And Benefits Of Lasik

The doctor performs LASIK surgery in patients of all types. However, one section that achieves significant benefits from LASIK is athletes. LASIK eliminates the need for contact lenses, resulting in tremendous convenience to the athletes. It also improves the overall performance. Players primarily related to the following sports achieve significant benefits from LASIK:

  • Football: Football is the game of speed. There is a high risk of breaking the glasses. The contact lenses may also get cloudy due to sweat and dust. LASIK surgery is effective in such athletes.
  • Golf: Several sports persons playing golf have opted for LASIK surgery to improve their performance as there is a need to view the goal, which is far away.
  • Baseball: Baseball players require sharp vision.There is a high risk of breaking the glasses. LASIK surgery helps in improving vision without glasses and contact lenses.
  • Swimming: People cannot swim with their contact lenses. It will increase the chances of eye infection. Those who are professional swimmers / scuba divers especially benefit from LASIK.
  • Boxing: Athletes cannot box with their glasses on. LASIK surgery is the perfect choice for them.

What Are The Benefits Of Lasik For Athletes?

There are several advantages of LASIK surgery in athletes. Some of them are:

  • Better vision: Excellent vision is more than an advantage for the athletes. It is a necessity. Whether it is hitting the ball or anticipating the move of the opponent, perfect vision is required for good performance. Better vision improves the performance of the athletes without any risk of eye injury due to breaking of glasses or contact lens related eye infection.
  • Superior vision in all weathers: Sports are held in different parts of the world in various weather conditions. They may be in summer, winter, rainy, or dusty. Vision improvement through LASIK surgery provides superior vision in all weather conditions than glasses and contact lenses.
  • Get back to the game quickly: LASIK surgery offers fast recovery. As a result, athletes undergoing LASIK surgery may soon join their training sessions.
  • Convenience:Glasses during sports results in significant inconvenience. They may break during contact sports. In some sports, the glasses also come as an obstruction with wearing face and head helmets. Dirt, pollution, and sweat in contact-lens wearers cause irritation and risk of eye infection. LASIK surgery helps to increase convenience in athletes.
  • More sports options: LASIK surgery offer various sport options for the players. Many athletes who were good in particular sports were unable to join them due to poor vision and the risk of wearing glasses and contact lenses. With the LASIK surgery, these players choose to take any sports of their interest.
  • Also many who desire to do adventure sports such as Scuba diving , Sky diving , LASIK helps them attain freedom from glasses and contact lenses to pursue their passion.


LASIK surgery is a fast, effective and excellent way to correct the vision in athletes with nearsightedness, farsightedness or astigmatism. It offers several advantages and improves performance. It also reduces the risk of injury (wearing glasses) and risk of eye infection (during wearing of contact lenses).


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