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Clarify Myths Before Undergoing Best Laser Eye Treatment In Mumbai

Clarify Myths Before Undergoing Best Laser Eye Treatment In Mumbai

September 23, 2019

Are you planning to undergo laser eye treatment? Have you booked an appointment with the doctor who performs the best laser eye treatment in Mumbai? Are you eligible for having laser treatment? Have you made unrealistic expectations with the Laser eye treatment?

Make sure that you have precise information regarding the laser eye treatment, which is also known as LASIK surgery. Various advertisements, overemphasizing the benefits of LASIK surgery, popped up now and then, in print media, and digital media. You should be well-informed regarding the LASIK surgery so that you did not fell prey to such ambiguous information or myths. In this post, we will discuss the prevalent myths regarding LASIK treatment and the subsequent myth busters.

Myths And Myth Busters Related To Laser Eye Surgery

Myth: Laser eye surgery may cause blindness.

Myth buster: Laser eye surgery is one of the safest surgeries in the surgical arena. Despite the surgery being conducted on thousands of patients, there is not even a single case of blindness that has occurred due to Laser surgery. Although there might be certain complications and with proper pre-screening and standard post-surgical care, these can be minimized.

Myth: Laser eye treatment is only for people who have nearsightedness.

Myth Buster: Not true. Laser eye surgery also benefits the people who have farsightedness and helps is vision clarity in patients with astigmatism.

Myth: Laser surgery closes option of cataract surgery.

Myth Buster: Many people think that once they have undergone laser surgery, the cataract surgery, later in life, is not possible. This is just a myth as laser surgery did not interfere in cataract surgery.

Myth: There is no revision for wrong laser surgery.

Myth Buster: There are very slim chances for laser surgery to get wrong. However, in case of wrong results, revision surgery can be done to retain vision.

Myth: Laser is hot rays and may damage your eyes.

Myth Buster: People think that laser is hot rays that may damage the cornea. This is not true. Excimer is a cool laser that does not produce heat. However, some patients may experience smell due to tissue vaporization.

Myth: Laser eye surgery causes pain.

Myth Buster: Laser is done after installing an anesthetic eye drop in the eyes to make them numb during the surgery. After the effect of eye drop gets cleared, the patient may have discomfort. The discomfort is mild and can be managed with over-the-counter medications.

Myth: Laser surgery is new and long-term side effects are not known.

Myth Buster: Laser surgery was initially developed in Greece and later introduced in the United States in the 1980s. For the last 20 years, millions of patients have been benefitted with this surgery. Studies confirming long term safety of this procedure are also available.

Myth: Person never needs glasses or contact lenses after Laser eye surgery.

Myth Buster: This is not true. Laser treatment provides a different outcome in different patients and it depends upon the overall health of the eyes. You doctor, after thorough eye screening, will indicate the probability of success and whether you may require glasses or contact lens in the future. It is also to be noted that as the age increases, people need glasses for clear vision.

Myth: Lasik eye surgery can be performed to any patient.

Myth Buster: Not all patients suffering from farsightedness, nearsightedness, and astigmatism are eligible for laser surgery. After a thorough screening of your eye health and overall health, your doctor will decide whether laser surgery is suitable for your eyes.

Myth: Lasik is not a surgery.

Myth Buster: Lasik is real surgery. It is done under anesthesia and requires strict post-operative care to avoid any complication.

Myth: Single laser type is suitable for all patients.

Myth Buster: Single type Laser is not for all the patients. The doctor will evaluate the health of your eyes and the prescription number. Based on these measurements, he will decide the type of laser surgery suitable for you.

Myth: You should choose a surgeon based on several operations he has performed:

Myth Buster: Although the number of operations performed by the ophthalmic surgeon may be a criterion but is not the only criteria. You should visit the clinic and take all the details about the facilities available in the hospital. You may take advice from any friend or family members that have undergone laser treatment.


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