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Recovery After Cataract Surgery

November 30, 2021

Cataract is a process related to eyes specifically in the developing nations. Cataract has predominantly been a common cause of impairment of vision, reason beside it is lack of proper surgical care.

As recently reported by World Health Organization that there is a lack of concentration on vision impairment in developed areas, the worldwide causes of ocular impairment are non-rectified refractive errors (43%) followed by cataract (33%). Overall cataract is the most important root cause of blindness considering 51% of overall conditions to eyes which the principle source of vision impairment because of difference in opacity of ocular lens. Metabolic disturbances lead to the earlier loss of visual transparency and cause the blur redness of vision.

The best and simplified remedy to get rid from the cataract is a surgical intervention. By removing opaque lens and replacing it with an artificial intraocular lens (IOL). However in developing nations, cataract has undoubtedly been a specific reason for the loss of visual power of eyed due to the inappropriate surgical care.

Treating doctor provides eye drop one day before surgery which helps to prevent infection and control the swelling of eyes before and after the surgery.

Post-Surgery Care And Recovery

  • It takes almost one month usually for the complete recovery and stabilization of eye power of the operated eye.
  • New power for the glasses is prescribed by the ophthalmologist if required in any case.
  • To experience best, successful and uncomplicated surgery period, is to follow the instructions of the operating surgeon strictly.
  • Do not compare your surgery period recovery with your friends, relative or neighbors, health, healing ability and tolerance to cataract eye surgery may vary from person to person and from eye to eye.
  • Person may have to use eye drops post-surgery. Follow your doctor’s instructions for using the drops properly
  • Keep away soap or water directly in the eye.
  • Don’t rub or press on your eye. Wearing of eye glasses may require or a shield to protect your eye.
  • Need of wearing a protective eye shield when you sleep is mandatory.
  • Daily activity needed to change soon after surgery. Safe exercise, drive or do other activities again will be advised by the ophthalmologist
  • Do not watch TV or read, and it is better to just rest at home.
  • Dirty water or soap/ shampoo from hair washing should not enter the eyes
  • Excessive bending or heavy weight lifting should be avoided for one week
  • Strenuous work should be avoided one next one month of surgery
  • Healthy diet also plays a vital role in better recovery.

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