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Retinal Surgeries In Elderly: Safety And Complications

December 7, 2020


Surgeries in the elderly may result in various complications. Elderly undergoing ocular surgery may have complications and a slower recovery rate. If you are elderly and planning to undergo ocular surgery, choose the best retinal surgeon in Mumbai.

Retinal Changes With Age

Various diseases occur with age. People develop various ocular conditions as they age. Deterioration in the vision starts at the age of 40 or above. The person may require reading glasses for reading and have difficulty in seeing the near objects. Following are the retinal conditions which can develop:

Diabetic retinopathy: Due to high blood sugar, the vessels of the retina get weak and damaged. Further, the retinal cells also get damaged due to high blood sugar. Both these events result in diabetic retinopathy.

Age-related macular degeneration: Macula is the part on the retina that provides visual acuity. With age, the macula undergoes a deneration of its cells mainly the cone cells present in maximum in this area .This condition is known as age-related macular degeneration.

Renal vein occlusion: In the elderly, the vessel carrying the blood away from the retina gets blocked. This causes accumulation and leakage of fluid. The condition is known as renal vein occlusion and results in blurred vision.

Retinal detachment: Retinal detachment is the condition of the separation of the retinal layer from the base. People above the age of 50 years are at risk of developing retinal detachment.

Retinal Surgery In Elderly

People at an older age may be affected by various types of systemic diseases. These diseases are blood pressure, diabetes, and other metabolic diseases. Further, the organ system at older age becomes a little slow.

Ophthalmic surgeries are safe and effective with a positive outcome. However, the surgery in the elderly may result in more complications as compared to done in young people. This is because the cardiovascular system in the elderly may have problems such as blocked arteries and less flexibility in blood vessels. Other diseases include lung disease.

However, it is to be noted that implementing strict precautions during ocular surgery may have a significant reduction in complications.


Retinal surgeries may result in complications if the age of the patient is more, and he is suffering from other underlying medical conditions. The complications in the elderly can be reduced if the surgery is done at the best retinal surgery clinic in Mumbai.


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