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Thinking Lasik Surgery In Pregnancy: Here’s What You Need To Know

March 29, 2022


The period of motherhood is one of the most beautiful parts of the life of a woman. Women who want to get LASIK eye surgery to get rid of spectacles thinks that this is the best time for this surgery because they have plenty of time in their hand. But, the question that arises here is whether they should go for a LASIK during pregnancy or not. One should not opt for LASIK during pregnancy. Read on to find the answers to some of the questions related to the LASIK surgery before, during, and after the pregnancy.

How Is Vision Affected During Pregnancy And Breastfeeding?

When a woman is pregnant, or she is nursing, the body of a woman undergoes drastic changes in hormonal levels. These changes in the level of hormones bring about a great deal of alterations in eyes, especially cornea. When a woman becomes pregnant, her corneas may swell, and there may be a change in the shape of the cornea. This condition during pregnancy may cause a temporary blurring in the vision of women who have undergone LASIK before.. Vision usually returns to normal post delivery after the stabilisation of hormones.

Lasik During Pregnancy ?

LASIK surgery and any other kind of eye surgery should  be avoided during pregnancy unless there is an emergency indication for the same.  LASIK surgery is not advisable during pregnancy because it can lead to incorrect changes to the cornea of pregnant women. Due to an alteration in level of hormones in the body, LASIK must be avoided in pregnant and nursing mothers till first 6 months of breastfeeding.

How Is Lasik Results Affected By Pregnancy?

The alteration of hormones during pregnancy can cause temporary changes in the vision of women who have received LASIK surgery before. The vision returns to normal after the hormones of the body stabilize and returns to pre pregnancy levels.

And, What About Lasik In Breastfeeding

Having a LASIK surgery after the pregnancy during the breastfeeding period is a relative contraindication. Therefore, for getting a LASIK surgery, most ophthalmic doctors will advise you to wait for at least six months after you stop breastfeeding the baby. That is when hormonal levels reach normal levels. However, if the surgery is necessary, it is possible to have it, but this time gap of six months is given to the woman to prevent her from any possible side effects of the LASIK surgery.

So, What Is The Best Time For Undergoing Lasik  Surgery ?

In case of pregnant females, a few months after stopping breastfeeding, the hormone level in the body of women returns to normal. So, the surgeons can perform the surgery with accurate results. The best part of this is that you can return to the routine after two to three days of the LASIK eye surgery


After reading the answers to the above questions, we know that the excellent time to get the LASIK surgery is after stopping breastfeeding and also got to know that we should avoid getting a LASIK surgery during the pregnancy. LASIK is not done during the pregnancy because of changing hormone levels in the body of women during the pregnancy period.


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