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Fear Of Eye Surgery? Get Your Doubts Cleared

November 17, 2020


Every year, lakhs of people all over the world take the benefit of LASER surgery for improving eyesight. LASER surgery is considered one of the safest, very effective and precise surgery for the eyes. However, some people postpone the surgery because of fear of losing eyesight or something going wrong due to the surgery.

Why Are People Afraid Of Eye Surgery?

Most people are afraid of undergoing any type of surgery on the human body. This is common, and there is nothing wrong in it. More so when it comes to eye surgery because eye is the sensitive organ that allows us to see the beautiful world. Fear of losing eyesight while having ocular surgery steals away the sleep of the patients. But fear without seeking all the information about eye surgery is not ideal. It does not matter how much the clinic claims about the safety of the procedure, a fear of getting your cornea under the LASER is enough to raise concerns. However, if you have vision problems and want to have perfect sight, LASER is safe, precise and most effective. For this reason, there is a need to bust a few myths prevalent about LASER surgery for the eyes.

What Are The Various Myths About Laser Surgery?

There are various myths about LASER surgery for the eye. These are not initiated from the side of ophthalmologists. These are the imagination of the people that causes fear from LASER surgery. Following are some of the myths:

Does The laser cause pain as the patient is awake during the treatment?

Ans: The patient indeed remains awake during the surgery. Why give anesthesia to the whole body when the anesthesia given to the eyes serves the purpose. Before surgery, the surgeon administers anaesthetic drops into the eyes, which results in a numbing effect of the eye .The patient does not feel pain during the surgery.

What happens if the eye moves during laser treatment?

Ans: You must keep your eyes still during surgery: Many people think that if you move your eyes during surgery, the site of LASER action disturbs results and leads to complications. This is not true. If your eye moves during the surgery, it does no harm because the LASER tracks the movement of your eyes and stops it’s action temporarily.

Does LASER surgery require a lot of time:

Ans : Many people think that LASER surgery requires a lot of time as it involves a very vital organ. With the advancement of technology and highly sophisticated machines, LASER surgery per eye requires only 10-15 minutes. The overall procedure for both eyes takes 20 – 30 minutes. 

Managing Fear For Ocular Surgery

Many people have anxiety and fear as the day of ocular surgery comes near. The best ophthalmic surgeons in Ojas are highly experienced in handling such type of situation. The doctors may provide you a calming sedative medication that will keep you relaxed before and during the procedure. In some of the best hospitals for eye surgery in Mumbai, you may also be provided counselling to help you understand and prepare you for the treatment.


We hope you now have a better understanding of the process of LASER. Do not be misguided with all the information about the LASER procedure that comes your way. If you have any confusion or require more detailed information about the LASER surgery, contact the best eye surgeon in Mumbai. Do not postpone your surgery, and do not reduce your quality of life with poor eyesight by avoiding Laser treatment of your eyes.


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