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November 19, 2020


LASIK and contact lens are the methods for providing a clear vision and a good cosmetic look to the face. However, there is always a discussion about which method is the best. While Lasik is permanent, Contact lens requires daily, or weekly or monthly replacement and both have their own pros and cons.

Lasik Vs Contacts: Fight For Cost

People often compare LASIK and Contact lens-based on cost.  Most people argue that contact lens is economical as compared to LASIK surgery. Some others conclude that LASIK is more economical than contact lens. Both of the groups are right in their own way. However, the main constraint is time. Although contacts are cheaper than LASIK in short term it is not a good financial gain in the long run. In the long term, LASIK is economical. The contacts are replaced on a daily monthly or weekly basis in most cases. Further, if you are wearing a contact lens, the frequent consultation fee for getting your prescription also adds up to the overall cost of eye care.

Risk With Contacts Lens

There are various risks associated with the contact lens. Contact lens increases the risk of various complications. Some of the complications associated with Contact lens are:

Eye Infection: The contact lens wearers require strict hygiene while handling of the lens. They should wash their hands and clean the lens with antiseptic lens solution. Lack of hygiene measures may result in serious infection in the eye .The person may develop bacterial conjunctivitis or giant papillary conjunctivitis.

Vision loss: In some cases, wearing a contact lens may result in vision loss. This may be due to serious bacterial infections such as bacterial keratitis (corneal infection and involvement) Untreated keratitis may cause vision loss. In severe cases, the corneal ulcer may develop and may also cause vision problems.

Allergic reactions: Wearing contact lenses may result in allergic reactions. If we have a small particle in our eye, we have pain and irritation. Similarly, some patients may have pain and irritation, and the condition is known as contact lens intolerance, while wearing the lens due to sensitivity of the eye to the material of the lens.

Risks With Lasik

LASIK is a type of surgical laser procedure. Although it is one of the safest surgeries, it may also have its own set of problems if not carried out by an experienced surgeon .The complications with LASIK surgery are:

Halos and glare: Some of the patients who undergo LASIK may experience halos or glare at night. It makes it difficult to drive at night. In some cases, the patients may also experience double vision.

Overcorrection and under-correction: The patients may have under-correction or over-correction in rare cases. This can be overcome by touch up laser which takes only a few minutes.

Dry eye: Dry eye is one of the most common symptoms of LASIK surgery. The symptom may continue for around 4-8 wks after the surgery. The doctor prescribes eye lubricants to manage dry eyes. The dryness subsided and eventually goes away in few weeks.


The contact lens carries the risk of infection and allergic reactions, while LASIK surgery carries the risk of temporary effect of dryness of eyes which goes away with time. In the long run, LASIK is more economical than contacts. If you are confused about which one is the best option for you, get a consultation from the best eye surgeon in Mumbai.


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